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29/11/2020What does God want me to do[stream] (35:45 8.6Mb)1952 A
31/05/2020Lord's Supper 31 May 2020[stream] (12:31 5.1Mb)1914 A
22/03/2020Things we share in Christ[stream] (13:26 5.3Mb)1894 A
01/03/2020Lords supper[stream] (5:50 1.4Mb)1889 A
08/12/2019The Holy Spirit[stream] (42:11 10.1Mb)1865 A
18/08/2019Jesus Teachings on Marriage and Divorce[stream] (32:06 7.8Mb)1837 A
11/11/2018Alert and Sober[stream] (29:34 7.1Mb)1729 A
15/07/2018Lords Supper[stream] (12:10 3Mb)1659 A
17/06/2018Family of God Sermon[stream] (27:38 6.7Mb)1649 A
24/12/2017Lords Supper[stream] (4:35 1.1Mb)1549 A
01/10/2017What Do You Think of Scripture[stream] (31:33 7.6Mb)1503 A
07/05/2017Pure Devotion[stream] (27:49 6.7Mb)1415 A
13/11/2016The Christian Life[stream] (21:18 5.2Mb)1317 A
06/11/2016Lords Supper 06 11 2016[stream] (6:17 1.6Mb)1311 A
31/07/2016Jesus The Royal Fisherman[stream] (23:35 5.7Mb)1253 A
26/06/2016The Lords Supper 260616[stream] (13:09 3.2Mb)1231 A
27/03/2016Easter Sunday - Jesus[stream] (29:44 7.2Mb)1193 A
06/12/2015Preying For Others[stream] (27:44 6.7Mb)1159 A
15/03/2015Jesus Reserection[stream] (19:51 4.8Mb)1073 A
09/11/2014Loveing one-another[stream] (31:53 7.7Mb)1039 A
20/07/2014christian giving[stream] (36:42 8.9Mb)1007 A
02/02/2014Co workers with God in Parenting[stream] (30:32 7.4Mb)959 A
08/07/2013Growth[stream] (33:38 6.1Mb)895 A
17/03/2013Things Jesus Said About Himself[stream] (40:54 7.4Mb)865 A
11/11/2012Rememberance[stream] (28:42 5.2Mb)819 A
23/09/2012Speaking to People Who Don't Know Jesus[stream] (44:15 8Mb)799 A
20/05/2012God Is Willing to Forgive[stream] (34:23 6.2Mb)733 A
15/05/2012Speaking the Gospel - Jesus and Nicodemus[stream] (52:32 9.5Mb)731 A
18/03/2012Good News - The Word of The Lord Stands Forever[stream] (46:42 8.5Mb)709 A
18/12/2011Training[stream] (36:10 6.6Mb)669 A
27/11/20111 John 3:24-4:3[stream] (36:13 6.6Mb)663 A
20/11/20111 John 3:13-24[stream] (41:12 7.5Mb)659 A
13/11/20111 John 2:28-3:10[stream] (40:04 7.3Mb)655 A
06/11/20111 John 2:18-29[stream] (43:10 7.8Mb)651 A
04/09/2011What is my understanding of God?[stream] (33:17 6Mb)615 A
21/08/2011Righteousness and Unrighteousness[stream] (31:07 5.6Mb)609 A
14/08/2011Words of God - Lesson 4 - Righteousness and Sanctification[stream] (35:49 6.5Mb)603 A
07/08/2011Words of God - Lesson 3 - Redemption and Forgiveness[stream] (41:45 7.6Mb)601 A
26/06/2011What does God expect of us?[stream] (30:00 5.4Mb)573 A
10/04/2011Similarities between Abraham and us[stream] (27:52 5Mb)533 A
30/01/2011Readings relating to God's glory[stream] (25:03 4.5Mb)498 A
26/09/2010Christian service[stream] (23:26 4.2Mb)469 A
15/08/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church: A Growing Building[stream] (30:26 5.5Mb)457 A
01/08/2010Do not love the world[stream] (37:56 6.8Mb)454 A
25/07/2010God's design for building up the church: A Living Building[stream] (39:14 7.1Mb)452 A
18/07/2010God's design for building the church: The Architect[stream] (35:11 6.3Mb)449 A
02/05/2010Telling the Good News[stream] (31:32 5.8Mb)436 A
21/02/2010Building the Church[stream] (33:06 6.1Mb)425 A
10/01/2010Disciples are learners[stream] (25:22 4.7Mb)419 A
08/11/2009Salvation[stream] (30:01 5.6Mb)409 A
24/05/2009associated documentsWhat is God like?[stream] (24:24 11.7Mb)368 A
26/04/2009What does God expect of me?[stream] (27:16 13.1Mb)360 A
07/12/2008What is God doing this morning?[stream] (25:30 10.7Mb)316 A
29/06/2008Forgiveness[stream] (26:56 11.3Mb)284 A
23/03/2008Why did Jesus rise from the dead?[stream] (22:28 9.4Mb)266 A
03/02/2008Our priorities[stream] (23:59 10.1Mb)250 A
10/06/2007What happened when you were baptized?[stream] (21:04 8.8Mb)220 A
15/04/2007The importance and purpose of elders/shepherds in the church[stream] (30:55 13Mb)216 A
04/03/2007Brothers, what should we do?[stream] (28:36 12Mb)213 A
11/02/2007Selflessness[stream] (33:16 14Mb)211 B
31/12/2006Marriage[stream] (33:42 6.1Mb)208 B
01/10/2006Making decisions[stream] (31:11 13.1Mb)201 B
10/09/2006Risk takers[stream] (23:11 9.7Mb)200 A
09/07/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness[stream] (21:59 9.2Mb)195 B
25/06/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Joy[stream] (26:31 11.1Mb)194 B
21/05/2006Are you content?[stream] (27:10 11.4Mb)192 A
19/02/2006How do you picture the church?[stream] (33:02 5.9Mb)186 A
13/11/2005Workers for the Lord: Qualities of Workers[stream] (24:57 4.5Mb)179 B
23/10/2005Sharing the good news[stream] (26:22 4.7Mb)178 A
14/08/2005Pressing on, moving on, continuing to do more[stream] (19:06 3.4Mb)173 A
07/08/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Encouraging and building up[stream] (38:21 6.9Mb)172 A
31/07/2005Do not grow weary in doing good: share[stream] (27:58 5Mb)171 B
17/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Know and use his word well[stream] (41:44 7.5Mb)169 A
03/04/2005The way we think about things affects the things we do[stream] (29:41 5.3Mb)152 B
27/03/2005Jesus' reasons for dying on the cross ... imitating him[stream] (22:58 4.1Mb)151 B
06/03/2005Confessing Jesus[stream] (26:01 4.7Mb)148 B
20/02/2005Following Jesus[stream] (23:24 4.2Mb)147 A
12/12/2004Seeing Jesus[stream] (32:16 10.2Mb)132 B
12/12/2004Study: Galations (lesson 11)[stream] (34:47 11.1Mb)132 A
05/12/2004Prayer - praying as a church[stream] (42:17 12.9Mb)131 B
05/12/2004Study: Galations (lesson 10)[stream] (33:19 11.2Mb)131 A
28/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 9)[stream] (40:19 13.5Mb)130 A
21/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 8)[stream] (33:22 10.9Mb)129 A
14/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 7)[stream] (33:59 10.3Mb)128 A
07/11/2004How were you saved?[stream] (29:57 9.8Mb)127 B
07/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 6)[stream] (37:49 11.9Mb)127 A
31/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 5)[stream] (39:24 12.7Mb)126 A
24/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 4)[stream] (37:47 12.1Mb)124 B
17/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 3)[stream] (33:06 10.3Mb)124 A
10/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 2)[stream] (38:22 11.7Mb)122 B
03/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 1)[stream] (35:27 10.7Mb)122 A
26/09/2004Sacrifices under Jesus[stream] (28:59 9Mb)121 B
29/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Joash[stream] (35:00 12.8Mb)117 B
29/08/2004Edification: Speaking the truth in love[stream] (28:15 9.7Mb)116 B
22/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Jehu[stream] (30:00 9.7Mb)117 A
08/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Solomon[stream] (36:00 7.9Mb)112 B
18/07/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Saul[stream] (36:25 8.3Mb)111 A
30/05/2004Love & unity in the church: 5. Conflict resolution in the church[stream] (28:50 7Mb)105 A
25/04/2004Where does God dwell?[stream] (25:27 6Mb)102 B
29/02/2004The church is holy[stream] (25:22 5.4Mb)99 A
07/12/2003Humility[stream] (29:52 7.2Mb)93 A
28/09/2003Evangelism and fear[stream] (25:03 6Mb)86 B
03/08/2003Prayer[stream] (36:16 8.7Mb)79 B
08/06/2003Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you[stream] (21:33 5.2Mb)75 B
27/04/2003The giving of blood[stream] (19:21 4.6Mb)73 A
30/03/2003Filled with the Spirit[stream] (19:15 4.6Mb)70 A
16/03/2003Parts of the Body[stream] (29:22 7Mb)69 A
19/01/2003Why did Jesus die on the cross?[stream] (25:06 6Mb)64 B
01/12/2002Spiritual Planning[stream] (19:35 4.7Mb)58 B
03/11/2002Worship56 A
15/09/2002What will tomorrow bring?[stream] (23:26 5.6Mb)50 A
08/09/2002Eternal Life[stream] (30:28 7.3Mb)49 B
09/06/2002Confessing Jesus[stream] (24:00 5.8Mb)40 B
19/05/2002How comfortable are you?[stream] (22:13 5.3Mb)39 A
07/04/2002How is your faith?[stream] (19:56 4.8Mb)36 A
24/03/2002Listening[stream] (13:38 3.3Mb)35 A
03/02/2002God is love; Love is patient[stream] (11:07 2.7Mb)28 B
02/12/2001The way we talk about Jesus[stream] (11:45 2.8Mb)21 A
28/10/2001Jesus - A legend![stream] (9:25 2.3Mb)19 A
07/10/2001The journey of life[stream] (8:01 1.9Mb)17 B
23/09/2001The end of the world[stream] (7:27 1.8Mb)16 B
16/09/2001Loving your neighbour[stream] (11:02 2.6Mb)16 A
05/08/2001The Earth[stream] (11:05 2.7Mb)12 B
15/07/2001Good deeds[stream] (9:12 2.2Mb)11 B
13/05/2001Mothers[stream] (9:28 2.3Mb)7 B
22/04/2001Involvement in the church[stream] (12:41 3Mb)5 B
04/03/2001Stones in the temple of God[stream] (11:07 2.7Mb)2 A

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