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20/12/2020Lords Supper[stream] (2:51 0.7Mb)1959 A
06/12/2020In Times Like These[stream] (19:24 4.7Mb)1956 A
14/06/202014 June 2020[stream] (17:33 4.3Mb)1921 A
08/03/2020Those Who Wait on the Lord[stream] (21:25 5.1Mb)1891 A
04/08/2019Like children[stream] (29:50 7.2Mb)1833 A
23/12/2018Spirtually Healthy Lives: Caring Gently for all People[stream] (22:22 5.4Mb)1753 A
28/01/2018Lord's Supper[stream] (5:58 1.5Mb)1569 A
31/12/2017Listen To Jesus[stream] (25:13 6.1Mb)1555 A
03/09/2017Praying in times of sorrow[stream] (20:05 4.9Mb)1485 A
23/07/2017Lord's Supper[stream] (5:13 1.3Mb)1461 A
11/06/2017Parents Sharing Their Faith With Children[stream] (24:39 6Mb)1441 A
26/02/2017Forginess in Jesus[stream] (24:26 5.9Mb)1377 A
05/06/2016God's Word is Great[stream] (24:18 5.9Mb)1221 A
10/04/2016salt and light[stream] (29:36 7.2Mb)1197 A
02/08/2015Now Abideth Faith[stream] (29:14 7.1Mb)1115 A
17/05/2015Becoming a Faithful Christian[stream] (26:37 6.4Mb)1091 A
08/02/2015those that wait upon the lord[stream] (28:27 6.9Mb)1065 A
05/10/2014remaining steadfast[stream] (25:41 6.2Mb)1029 A
24/08/2014worship in our daily lives[stream] (26:12 6.3Mb)1017 A
29/06/2014we can do all things[stream] (23:31 5.7Mb)1001 A
23/03/2014Do not give the devil a foothold[stream] (26:06 6.3Mb)973 A
22/12/2013What will you do with Jesus[stream] (35:19 8.5Mb)947 A
22/09/2013The Price[stream] (26:58 6.5Mb)921 A
21/07/2013Thankfulness[stream] (17:13 3.1Mb)899 A
10/02/2013Words are Powerful[stream] (27:43 5Mb)857 A
02/12/2012Jesus, Friend of Sinners[stream] (31:53 5.8Mb)831 A
28/10/2012Make Your Calling and Election Sure[stream] (27:55 5.1Mb)811 A
22/04/2012The Powerful Word of God[stream] (28:27 5.2Mb)723 A
01/04/2012Glad Tidings[stream] (44:45 8.1Mb)717 A
08/01/2012The Love of God[stream] (28:26 5.2Mb)679 A
02/10/2011Words of God - Lesson 9 - Judgment and Salvation[stream] (51:18 9.3Mb)633 A
18/09/2011Lesson 7 - Love and Hate[stream] (49:23 8.9Mb)625 A
28/08/2011Don't Look Back[stream] (26:05 4.7Mb)611 A
05/06/2011Being filled with the Holy Spirit[stream] (30:15 5.5Mb)561 A
22/05/2011Exodus lesson 4[stream] (40:27 7.3Mb)555 A
15/05/2011Passes over his people[stream] (34:53 6.3Mb)551 A

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga