Members' pages

The following pages are intended for members of the congregation. Most of them require a password to access.

Image of a lecternService Roster
Check when you are next rostered to serve in the public meetings. Click on your name to highlight it everywhere it occurs.
PostAddress list
Look up address, phone number, email, etc. for members of the congregation. You can also update your own entry.
Show a map of where members live.
DocumentsDocuments repository
This is where a number of documents are stored for easy access. This includes newsletters, minutes of meetings and a number of other reports and sundry documents.
Record of songs sung
A database intended primarily for song leaders to be able to track how often or how recently a song has been sung and how familiar songs are to the congregation. It also has space to record any concerns or comments about individual songs. (This is currently broken and pending a rewrite.)
Bible Class records
A database of curriculum, teachers and terms for the congregation's children's Bible classes. mailing list
Mailing list for members.
Malaga elders mailing list
Mailing list for communicating with our elders.
Techteam mailing list
Mailing list for communicating with the techteam.

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