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09/01/2022Greatest Love[stream] (17:11 12.8Mb)2045 A
12/12/2021Gods Plan[stream] (16:30 12.5Mb)2039 A
10/10/2021Self Control[stream] (30:03 22.6Mb)2025 A
19/09/2021Patience[stream] (20:07 15.5Mb)2021 A
25/07/2021Freedom[stream] (27:26 21.3Mb)2004 A
27/06/2021Hearing and Doing the Word[stream] (15:57 12Mb)1999 A
30/05/2021Don't be a Bodgey[stream] (20:43 15.9Mb)1990 A
23/05/2021Planning and Gods Plan[stream] (22:47 17.2Mb)1989 A
24/01/2021Your Inner Person[stream] (28:41 14.9Mb)1968 A
25/10/2020Choices[stream] (28:36 6.9Mb)1943 A
25/10/2020Lords Supper[stream] (2:05 0.5Mb)1942 A
04/10/2020Lord's supper[stream] (6:25 1.6Mb)1937 A
20/09/2020Godly Roles[stream] (31:07 7.5Mb)1935 A
30/08/2020Heavenly Friendship[stream] (32:21 7.8Mb)1930 A
02/08/2020Forgive[stream] (25:58 6.3Mb)1928 A
28/06/2020Love[stream] (27:06 6.6Mb)1918 A
07/06/2020Being Chosen[stream] (24:41 11.4Mb)1917 A
24/05/2020Lord's Supper 24 May 2020[stream] (15:04 7Mb)1912 A
29/03/2020Where is our home? (Recording started late)[stream] (14:08 6.5Mb)1896 A
16/02/2020God is LOve[stream] (20:30 5Mb)1885 A
17/11/2019Faith in Jesus[stream] (29:58 7.2Mb)1860 A
03/11/2019Reminders of a Gracious God[stream] (32:34 7.8Mb)1857 A
22/09/2019Be Clothed in Christ[stream] (29:26 7.1Mb)1849 A
14/04/2019Ask Seek Knock[stream] (22:36 5.5Mb)1791 A
04/11/2018Its Time for a Change![stream] (25:37 6.2Mb)1725 A
29/04/2018Consider Your Ways[stream] (22:53 5.5Mb)1619 A
10/12/2017Lords Supper[stream] (6:12 1.5Mb)1541 A
03/12/2017Continue Loving[stream] (41:51 10.1Mb)1539 A
22/10/2017Lords Supper[stream] (4:14 1.1Mb)1513 A
17/09/2017Jesus was Faithful to Death[stream] (19:01 4.6Mb)1495 A
23/07/2017The Serpent and the Cross[stream] (28:48 7Mb)1463 A
14/05/2017Lords Supper[stream] (1:02 0.3Mb)1419 A
30/04/2017Lords Supper[stream] (3:53 1Mb)1409 A
26/03/2017Who Do You Love?[stream] (23:13 5.6Mb)1389 A
18/12/2016Lords supper 11 12 2016[stream] (4:56 1.2Mb)1339 A
03/04/2016Jesus the Way[stream] (19:36 4.8Mb)1195 A
10/01/2016Sharing with others[stream] (32:28 7.8Mb)1169 A
16/08/2015Evening Worship 16 08 2015[stream] (16:07 3.9Mb)1125 A
16/08/2015Evening intro[stream] (6:28 1.6Mb)1123 A
10/05/2015Mothers Day 2015[stream] (30:57 7.5Mb)1089 A
12/10/2014Lifting the veil[stream] (28:12 6.8Mb)1031 A
18/05/2014How we can be free[stream] (35:23 8.5Mb)989 A
09/02/2014Marriage[stream] (36:46 8.9Mb)961 A
08/12/2013I'm On My Way[stream] (44:51 10.8Mb)943 A
03/08/2013Clothed in Christ[stream] (34:39 6.3Mb)903 A
21/04/2013Contentment[stream] (32:02 5.8Mb)877 A
18/11/2012Knowing Jesus[stream] (31:18 5.7Mb)823 A
10/06/2012Be Visible[stream] (35:32 6.4Mb)745 A
20/05/2012Speaking the Gospel - Jesus and a Samaritan Woman[stream] (46:02 8.3Mb)735 A
12/02/2012Listening to Jesus[stream] (48:52 8.8Mb)693 A
05/02/2012Providing comfort[stream] (43:28 7.9Mb)689 A
29/01/2012Sin and Us[stream] (36:55 6.7Mb)685 A
21/08/2011Who do you put your hope in?[stream] (36:00 6.5Mb)607 A
10/07/2011Colossians chapter 1[stream] (33:16 6Mb)581 A
01/05/2011Speaking God's Message Confidently[stream] (33:50 6.1Mb)543 A
19/12/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 11[stream] (44:42 8Mb)491 A
12/12/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 10[stream] (44:35 8Mb)489 A
12/12/2010Wisdom from Above[stream] (33:15 6Mb)488 A
05/12/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 9[stream] (38:51 7Mb)487 A
28/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 7[stream] (41:39 7.5Mb)484 A
25/07/2010Jesus' presence in the church[stream] (29:37 5.3Mb)451 A
07/02/2010People of God[stream] (26:08 4.8Mb)423 A
13/12/2009Overcoming the World[stream] (22:12 4Mb)414 A
25/10/2009Jesus is the Truth[stream] (40:45 7.5Mb)407 A
06/09/2009Our Father[stream] (27:14 11.4Mb)397 A
05/07/2009Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever[stream] (28:08 13.5Mb)379 A
03/05/2009Safety and Comfort[stream] (27:19 13.1Mb)362 A
08/03/2009Jesus, our way to God[stream] (30:54 14.8Mb)347 A
11/01/2009Edifying one another[stream] (30:54 13Mb)322 A
23/11/2008The Gold Standard of Jesus Christ[stream] (34:33 14.5Mb)314 A
03/08/2008The Lord's Supper[stream] (47:53 20.1Mb)293 A
13/07/2008Appointing deacons[stream] (7:16 3Mb)287 A
13/07/2008Offering ourselves in service to God[stream] (39:39 16.7Mb)286 A
11/05/2008Mothers[stream] (31:00 13Mb)277 A
09/03/2008The foundation of the church (Paul Tyers)[stream] (42:37 17.9Mb)261 A
09/12/2007Enduring forever[stream] (22:39 9.5Mb)240 A
18/11/2007Long haul flights[stream] (21:57 9.2Mb)237 A
21/10/2007Reminders of love[stream] (25:32 10.7Mb)233 A
23/09/2007Be Subject to One Another[stream] (21:07 8.9Mb)227 A
29/07/2007Accepting one another[stream] (18:05 7.6Mb)223 A
17/06/2007Rough stones shine in Christ[stream] (21:07 8.9Mb)220 B
13/05/2007Hannah's example[stream] (25:48 10.8Mb)218 A
08/04/2007The great shepherd[stream] (21:49 9.2Mb)215 B
11/03/2007Valuing Jesus above all else[stream] (33:03 13.9Mb)213 B
28/01/2007One body -- helping one another[stream] (34:06 14.3Mb)210 B
07/01/2007Becoming a Christian[stream] (29:22 12.3Mb)209 A
10/12/2006Coming to the mountain[stream] (29:15 12.3Mb)207 A
03/09/2006Living forever[stream] (37:11 15.6Mb)199 B
27/08/2006What is your purpose?[stream] (25:28 10.7Mb)199 A
06/08/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Self-control[stream] (19:41 8.3Mb)197 B
04/06/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Love[stream] (31:29 13.2Mb)193 A
07/05/2006God's team[stream] (36:34 15.4Mb)191 A
05/02/2006Work for the Lord to edify each other185 B
08/01/2006Freedom183 B
27/11/2005Workers for the Lord: Practical Applications[stream] (40:31 7.3Mb)180 B
16/10/2005Looking out for each other in the church[stream] (34:10 6.2Mb)177 B
21/08/2005How the world is changing[stream] (29:39 5.3Mb)173 B
10/04/2005Are you satisfied?[stream] (33:55 6.1Mb)153 B
16/01/2005In God's presence[stream] (23:49 4.3Mb)137 B
20/06/2004Guideline for godly living[stream] (30:45 7.5Mb)108 A

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga