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27/03/2022The Lost Son[stream] (16:29 13.4Mb)2062 A
16/01/2022Engage in life[stream] (19:50 16.9Mb)2048 A
28/11/2021Lords Supper[stream] (11:42 9.8Mb)2035 A
21/11/2021Lords Supper[stream] (7:19 6.3Mb)2034 A
08/08/2021Slaves to Righteousness[stream] (26:36 21.3Mb)2009 A
11/07/2021Valuing Gods Word[stream] (24:32 19.8Mb)2001 A
06/06/2021In Whom Are You Confident[stream] (24:08 19.6Mb)1993 A
09/05/2021Celebrating Women[stream] (27:40 22.7Mb)1985 A
14/02/2021Selfless[stream] (25:32 19.7Mb)1972 A
10/01/2021Thankfulness[stream] (25:09 6.1Mb)1964 A
06/12/2020Lords Supper[stream] (9:00 2.2Mb)1957 A
29/11/2020Lords Supper[stream] (3:48 1Mb)1951 A
15/11/2020Lords supper[stream] (7:08 1.8Mb)1950 A
08/11/2020The Importance of Group Worship[stream] (27:20 6.6Mb)1948 A
04/10/2020You cannot serve 2 masters (several minutes dropped approx 13 min in)[stream] (31:58 7.7Mb)1938 A
13/09/2020Lords Supper[stream] (11:54 2.9Mb)1934 A
09/08/2020Submission[stream] (36:35 8.8Mb)1923 A
19/07/2020Lvong One Another and Lord's Supper[stream] (46:18 11.2Mb)1926 A
05/07/2020Prayer[stream] (32:43 7.9Mb)1924 A
24/05/2020Unity is not equal to Uniformity[stream] (35:41 17.4Mb)1913 A
10/05/2020Do this and you will live[stream] (32:23 15.4Mb)1909 A
15/03/2020For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free[stream] (36:12 8.7Mb)1892 A
09/02/2020Can we earn our relationship with God?[stream] (36:09 8.7Mb)1884 A
26/01/2020Work of the Ministry[stream] (29:12 7.1Mb)1880 A
19/01/2020Lords supper[stream] (4:51 1.2Mb)1879 A
13/10/2019Matthew 24 Study[stream] (36:22 8.8Mb)1854 A
13/10/2019The End of the Age[stream] (41:26 9.9Mb)1853 A
01/09/2019The Upside Down World[stream] (30:28 7.4Mb)1841 A
09/06/2019Do You Call Good,Good?[stream] (39:09 9.4Mb)1809 A
12/05/2019Jesus Responds to Faith[stream] (34:46 8.4Mb)1799 A
10/02/2019Turing Towards God[stream] (34:12 8.3Mb)1773 A
03/02/2019Son of Promise[stream] (35:44 8.6Mb)1771 A
27/01/2019Lords Supper 27012019[stream] (6:47 1.7Mb)1767 A
09/12/2018Lesson: Contentment and Submission[stream] (27:14 6.6Mb)1745 A
28/10/2018Lord's Supper[stream] (3:48 1Mb)1719 A
09/09/2018Judge Not[stream] (24:08 5.8Mb)1693 A
02/09/2018Lords Supper[stream] (4:06 1Mb)1687 A
19/08/2018Continuing on[stream] (35:42 8.6Mb)1681 A
13/05/2018The Simple Faith of Acceptance[stream] (27:24 6.6Mb)1627 A
25/03/2018Lesson[stream] (19:54 4.8Mb)1599 A
11/03/2018Lords Supper[stream] (5:40 1.4Mb)1591 A
11/03/2018Samson - A Man of Faith??[stream] (19:58 4.8Mb)1589 A
21/01/2018God calls his people to be faithful[stream] (23:12 5.6Mb)1567 A
24/12/2017Humble Yourself[stream] (29:22 7.1Mb)1551 A
26/11/2017Pure In Mind And Body[stream] (25:21 6.1Mb)1535 A
15/10/2017None of Me, All of You[stream] (17:25 4.2Mb)1511 A
08/10/2017Lords Supper[stream] (5:25 1.3Mb)1505 A
20/08/2017Finding Comfort In Purpose[stream] (22:04 5.3Mb)1479 A
25/06/2017Caring For God's Family[stream] (18:16 4.4Mb)1447 A
11/06/2017Lords Supper[stream] (6:19 1.6Mb)1439 A
16/04/2017Lords Supper 16042017[stream] (9:52 2.4Mb)1401 A
09/04/2017Lords Supper[stream] (3:09 0.8Mb)1397 A
19/03/2017Perspective[stream] (23:30 5.7Mb)1385 A
12/02/2017Looking For The Answers [stream] (21:39 5.2Mb)1363 A
29/01/2017Lords Supper 29 01 2017[stream] (6:27 1.6Mb)1359 A
06/11/2016Remember and don't be Afraid[stream] (18:44 4.5Mb)1313 A
11/09/2016Prayer in the Kingdom[stream] (18:42 4.5Mb)1279 A
21/08/2016The Joy of the Kingdom[stream] (20:37 5Mb)1265 A
07/08/2016A Kingdom that Lifts Up and Tears Down[stream] (19:33 4.7Mb)1257 A
15/05/2016the faith of Jesus[stream] (21:26 5.2Mb)1215 A
31/01/2016Evangelism at Malaga[stream] (12:29 3Mb)1175 A
20/09/2015Karma and Grace[stream] (22:27 5.4Mb)1137 A
06/09/2015The burden of sin[stream] (30:53 7.5Mb)1131 A
12/07/2015Overwhelmed with Life[stream] (27:36 6.7Mb)1109 A
14/06/2015Looking out for one another[stream] (22:12 5.4Mb)1099 A
29/03/2015What is needed, what can I do and what can I commit[stream] (35:40 8.6Mb)1077 A
18/01/2015What am i supposed to do[stream] (26:14 6.3Mb)1059 A
21/12/2014Jesus the unexpected[stream] (26:43 6.5Mb)1051 A
21/09/2014How far have you come[stream] (22:50 5.5Mb)1025 A
31/08/2014Nothing Will Now be Impossible for Them[stream] (27:45 6.7Mb)1019 A
10/08/2014Special Lord Supper service[stream] (29:14 7.1Mb)1013 A
04/05/2014A Spirit-Filled Life[stream] (26:46 6.5Mb)985 A
30/03/2014Evangelism 2014[stream] (29:32 7.1Mb)975 A
16/02/2014God's Work through His Church[stream] (23:59 5.8Mb)963 A
27/10/2013God invites us to a safe place[stream] (30:59 7.5Mb)931 A
08/09/2013Do you believe Jesus?[stream] (28:27 6.9Mb)917 A
25/08/2013The Real Jesus[stream] (26:16 4.8Mb)911 A
28/07/2013Staying Focused[stream] (28:45 5.2Mb)901 A
16/06/2013Being Aware of God[stream] (31:51 5.8Mb)889 A
17/03/2013Jesus and our role[stream] (47:15 8.6Mb)867 A
10/03/2013Where do we go from here?[stream] (39:17 7.1Mb)863 A
27/01/2013Submission[stream] (37:21 6.8Mb)853 A
02/12/2012Acts chapter 14[stream] (42:58 7.8Mb)833 A
11/11/2012Acts chapter 8[stream] (47:15 8.6Mb)821 A
04/11/2012Acts 6-7: Protect the gospel[stream] (41:06 7.4Mb)817 A
04/11/2012Don't Worry[stream] (22:04 4Mb)815 A
14/10/2012We Are Made To Work[stream] (26:57 4.9Mb)805 A
07/10/2012Speaking to people about the uniqueness of Jesus[stream] (46:15 8.4Mb)803 A
09/09/2012Speaking to people who knock at our door 2[stream] (35:05 6.4Mb)791 A
02/09/2012Speaking to people who knock on our door[stream] (38:11 6.9Mb)787 A
02/09/2012What Are We Here For?[stream] (27:53 5.1Mb)785 A
19/08/2012Olympic Games[stream] (24:17 4.4Mb)777 A
22/07/2012Worship[stream] (22:44 4.1Mb)769 A
15/05/2012Malaga in the Mirror[stream] (28:31 5.2Mb)729 A
29/04/2012Acts chapter 2[stream] (29:18 5.3Mb)725 A
11/03/2012What do you put your faith in?[stream] (19:21 3.5Mb)703 A
19/02/2012Forgiveness[stream] (26:33 4.8Mb)695 A
01/01/2012Material Possessions[stream] (30:08 5.5Mb)677 A
25/12/20111 John 5:4-21[stream] (42:12 7.6Mb)675 A
25/12/2011Emmanuel - Goe with us[stream] (28:44 5.2Mb)673 A
18/12/20111 John 4:20-5:2[stream] (43:24 7.9Mb)671 A
04/12/2011What Is the Most Important Thing?[stream] (19:59 3.6Mb)665 A
30/10/20111 John 2:11-17[stream] (38:23 7Mb)647 A
30/10/20111 John 2:1-11[stream] (45:40 8.3Mb)645 A
23/10/20111 John 1:5[stream] (49:16 8.9Mb)641 A
09/10/2011The Story of the Gospel[stream] (32:26 5.9Mb)635 A
24/07/2011Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones[stream] (31:40 5.7Mb)587 A
26/06/2011Exodus - Lesson 10[stream] (34:20 6.2Mb)575 A
29/05/2011Giving ourselves fully to Jesus[stream] (34:10 6.2Mb)557 A
15/05/2011associated documentsOne Family[stream] (43:03 7.7Mb)549 A
03/04/2011Isaiah 1 - Seek Justice[stream] (25:04 4.5Mb)531 A
27/03/2011Isaiah 1 - repentance and life[stream] (24:02 4.3Mb)525 A
20/02/2011Fear God[stream] (22:47 4.1Mb)504 A
02/01/2011Re-creation[stream] (24:00 4.3Mb)493 A
26/12/2010Celebrating Jesus' Birth[stream] (45:39 8.2Mb)492 A
28/11/2010What is Faith?[stream] (29:39 5.3Mb)483 A
17/10/2010Sanctification[stream] (31:10 5.6Mb)473 A
03/10/2010Readings from Romans chapter 8[stream] (35:21 6.4Mb)470 A
12/09/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church - Owner's Rights[stream] (49:45 9Mb)466 A
29/08/2010Discernment[stream] (29:39 5.3Mb)461 A
22/08/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church - Occupational health and safety[stream] (48:32 8.7Mb)460 A
13/06/2010Compassionate Service ... what a Christian does[stream] (29:31 5.3Mb)443 A
23/05/2010What are you doing with your life?[stream] (31:53 5.7Mb)441 A
22/05/2010God's purpose for our lives[stream] (28:43 5.2Mb)440 A
09/05/2010The beginning of the gospel[stream] (19:52 3.6Mb)437 A
11/04/2010Worship[stream] (25:23 4.7Mb)433 A
14/02/2010Giving glory to God[stream] (22:37 4.1Mb)424 A
24/01/2010Going Deeper[stream] (26:53 5Mb)421 A
15/11/2009Freedom through faith[stream] (25:49 4.8Mb)410 A
20/09/2009Growing in faith[stream] (35:34 14.9Mb)400 A
13/09/2009Darwin lesson 07 - How do we view other people?[stream] (1:02:39 26.3Mb)399 A
30/08/2009What is God like?[stream] (26:09 11Mb)394 A
16/08/2009God Is Faithful[stream] (36:19 15.3Mb)391 A
16/08/2009Darwin lesson 03 - the subjectivity of the subject[stream] (42:32 17.9Mb)390 A
02/08/2009Darwin lesson 01[stream] (32:49 13.8Mb)387 A
21/06/2009Faith like Abraham[stream] (32:00 15.4Mb)374 A
31/05/2009Failure focus[stream] (28:29 13.7Mb)369 A
01/03/2009Things I have Learned[stream] (28:08 13.5Mb)346 A
01/02/2009Worship[stream] (23:52 4.3Mb)325 A
28/12/2008Compassion[stream] (27:12 11.4Mb)319 A
16/11/2008Uncertain Times[stream] (28:40 12Mb)313 A
21/09/2008Fathers[stream] (31:12 13.1Mb)302 A
06/07/2008Heavenly focus vs earthly focus[stream] (28:43 12.1Mb)285 A
22/06/2008Hypocrisy[stream] (28:23 11.9Mb)283 A
18/05/2008Sexual sin[stream] (24:22 10.2Mb)278 A
27/04/2008Turn yourself in to God[stream] (20:48 8.7Mb)276 A
02/03/2008What must I do to be saved?[stream] (21:53 7.9Mb)259 A
24/02/2008How does Jesus save?[stream] (19:40 7.1Mb)257 A
13/01/2008Baptism[stream] (16:56 7.1Mb)241 A
16/12/2007Setting goals for spiritual growth[stream] (27:38 11.6Mb)229 A
28/10/2007Grace[stream] (22:40 9.5Mb)234 A
14/10/2007Pray for one another[stream] (20:03 8.4Mb)232 A
02/09/2007Be kind to one another[stream] (24:31 10.3Mb)224 B
08/07/2007Love one another[stream] (26:33 11.2Mb)222 A
06/05/2007Encouragement for the depressed[stream] (30:52 13Mb)217 B
29/04/2007Diotrephes, the bad example of leadership[stream] (28:50 12.1Mb)217 A
25/03/2007On the mountain[stream] (37:54 15.9Mb)214 B
18/02/2007Freedom through submission[stream] (27:56 11.7Mb)212 A
14/01/2007Transforming thankfulness[stream] (25:48 10.8Mb)209 B
03/12/2006Joy in sharing the gospel[stream] (34:37 14.5Mb)206 B
19/11/2006Eddie Legg introduction[stream] (4:30 1.9Mb)205 B

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga