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Trevor is English born and grew up in the UK churches before emigrating to Australia in 1964 with Australian wife Beth. Since that date he has been actively involved as an elder in Association Churches before linking up with the Malaga congregation in 2008. Trevor's working life was in banking and the public service and he is now retired.

Recordings for Trevor Streeton

26/12/2021Jesus' Birth[stream] (25:03 18.8Mb)2043 A
25/07/2021Lords Supper[stream] (8:44 6.5Mb)2003 A
27/06/2021Lords Supper[stream] (10:39 7.5Mb)1998 A
23/05/2021Lords Supper[stream] (5:20 3.9Mb)1988 A
28/03/2021Lords Supper[stream] (8:16 4.3Mb)1979 A
28/02/2021Lords Supper[stream] (6:36 3.7Mb)1976 A
24/01/2021Lords Supper[stream] (5:46 2.7Mb)1969 A
20/12/2020Pitfalls and Positives of Christain Living[stream] (22:55 5.5Mb)1958 A
08/11/2020Lords Supper[stream] (6:40 1.6Mb)1947 A
21/06/2020Motivation To Evangelise[stream] (22:05 5.3Mb)1920 A
09/02/2020Lord's Supper[stream] (6:51 1.6Mb)1883 A
25/08/2019The Rich Young Ruler & L/Supper[stream] (31:12 7.5Mb)1839 A
30/06/2019Seize the Moment[stream] (20:52 5Mb)1815 A
27/01/2019Giving[stream] (30:23 7.3Mb)1769 A
16/09/2018The Cure For Snakebite[stream] (26:20 6.4Mb)1697 A
08/07/2018Unity in Christ's Church[stream] (21:59 5.3Mb)1657 A
25/02/2018Moses - Faithful With Riches[stream] (26:19 6.3Mb)1587 A
10/09/2017God is Faithful[stream] (20:59 5Mb)1491 A
20/08/2017Lords Supper[stream] (4:24 1.1Mb)1477 A
30/07/2017Life with a capital L[stream] (14:31 3.5Mb)1467 A
16/10/2016Isaiah 45:22[stream] (18:00 4.3Mb)1301 A
01/05/2016Dont Be A Fool[stream] (20:00 4.8Mb)1209 A
06/03/2016Water into Wine[stream] (26:06 6.3Mb)1185 A
19/04/2015are you a doubting thomas[stream] (25:19 6.1Mb)1083 A
08/03/2015Matters of the Heart[stream] (25:50 6.2Mb)1071 A
07/12/2014Sudden Return[stream] (4:00 1Mb)1047 A
06/04/2014The 4 F's[stream] (23:32 5.6Mb)977 A
05/03/2014The Prodigal Son[stream] (24:06 5.8Mb)967 A
01/09/2013Lessons from 1 Samuel 1[stream] (26:09 4.7Mb)915 A
24/02/2013Malchus and Herod[stream] (23:09 4.2Mb)861 A
25/11/2012Workers In the Vineyard[stream] (26:43 4.8Mb)827 A
26/08/2012Cure for Snakebite (or Jumping to Conclusions)[stream] (28:21 5.1Mb)781 A
08/07/2012The sacrifice of the Christ[stream] (30:33 5.5Mb)759 A
17/06/2012Lessons from Naaman[stream] (31:44 5.7Mb)749 A
02/10/2011Are you a back seat driver?[stream] (25:28 4.6Mb)631 A
24/04/2011The Resurrection of the Christ[stream] (27:30 5Mb)539 A
27/02/2011Ready for the End[stream] (27:25 4.9Mb)507 A
20/02/2011Giving God the glory because of our fear and his love[stream] (42:49 7.7Mb)505 A
04/07/2010Concerned Sharing ... what a Christian Gives[stream] (27:25 4.9Mb)447 A
30/05/2010The Abandoned Camp[stream] (25:41 4.7Mb)439 A
21/03/2010Worship - Giving[stream] (31:34 5.7Mb)430 A
27/12/2009No Substitute[stream] (27:23 5Mb)417 A
18/10/2009The Lord is in this place and I knew it not[stream] (22:43 4.2Mb)406 A
22/03/2009I Cannot Come[stream] (23:37 11.3Mb)350 A
21/12/2008Windows[stream] (21:27 9Mb)318 A

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga