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03/04/2022God’s Spirit changing us into the Glory of Jesus[stream] (10:39 8.8Mb)2064 A
06/02/2022The Parables of Jesus[stream] (27:37 23.2Mb)2052 A
05/12/2021John's Relationship with Jesus[stream] (17:51 14.9Mb)2038 A
07/11/2021Temptation[stream] (24:59 21Mb)2031 A
03/10/2021The Fruit of Goodness[stream] (22:06 18.1Mb)2023 A
01/08/2021Freedom in Christ[stream] (23:15 19.1Mb)2006 A
13/06/2021Spread the message[stream] (9:06 7.3Mb)1995 A
02/05/2021God’s Plan[stream] (19:22 15.5Mb)1983 A
03/01/2021Joy of The Lord[stream] (15:19 3.7Mb)1963 A
22/11/2020The Grace of Jesus[stream] (29:05 7Mb)1953 A
13/09/2020Godly Parenting[stream] (32:53 7.9Mb)1933 A
12/07/2020Am I Listening To God?[stream] (28:00 6.8Mb)1925 A
31/05/2020God has a plan for the church - Jesus is the model[stream] (37:59 18.6Mb)1915 A
03/05/2020Lord's Supper 3 May 2020[stream] (7:50 4Mb)1906 A
12/04/2020God is with us[stream] (25:48 10.5Mb)1901 A
02/02/2020Fellowship with God - Jesus is the ONLY way[stream] (26:26 6.3Mb)1882 A
15/12/2019Lord's Supper[stream] (4:10 1Mb)1868 A
24/11/2019Jesus Died for our Sins[stream] (33:03 8Mb)1862 A
10/11/2019Confessing God[stream] (34:19 8.2Mb)1859 A
28/07/2019Transfiguration (Matthew 17)[stream] (25:48 6.2Mb)1831 A
07/04/2019Judge not + Lord's Supper[stream] (30:49 7.4Mb)1789 A
31/03/2019Treasures In Heaven[stream] (28:37 6.9Mb)1787 A
20/01/2019What is Salvation[stream] (23:32 5.7Mb)1765 A
16/12/2018A healthy attitude to doing good[stream] (25:14 6.1Mb)1749 A
02/09/2018Fathers[stream] (25:24 6.1Mb)1689 A
08/04/2018Elijah - Faithful In Prayer[stream] (21:47 5.3Mb)1607 A
04/02/2018Faithfulness in Gods People[stream] (22:29 5.4Mb)1573 A
15/10/2017Lords Supper[stream] (4:52 1.2Mb)1509 A
24/09/2017Abundant Life in Jesus[stream] (25:37 6.2Mb)1499 A
06/08/2017Lords Supper[stream] (3:44 0.9Mb)1469 A
04/06/2017Nurturing Children[stream] (21:46 5.3Mb)1437 A
16/04/2017The Grace of our Lord Jesus[stream] (21:35 5.2Mb)1403 A
26/03/2017Lords Supper[stream] (2:57 0.8Mb)1387 A
12/03/2017Holy Spirit Changes Belivers into the Glory of Jesus[stream] (22:04 5.3Mb)1381 A
09/10/2016Lords Supper devo etc for gongregational meeting[stream] (9:37 2.4Mb)1293 A
28/08/2016Sincerity in Jesus' Kingdom[stream] (21:21 5.2Mb)1269 A
24/07/2016Jesus is a King who is lead by God's Spirit[stream] (25:03 6.1Mb)1249 A
21/02/2016How to overcome fear and speak[stream] (30:25 7.3Mb)1181 A
19/07/2015I am the Ressurection and the Life[stream] (23:32 5.7Mb)1111 A
03/05/2015if christ is in you what is e doing[stream] (30:50 7.4Mb)1087 A
04/01/2015Forgiveness[stream] (31:45 7.7Mb)1055 A
19/01/2014when things are good[stream] (28:14 6.8Mb)955 A
18/08/2013Been with Jesus[stream] (26:54 4.9Mb)909 A
09/06/2013God's kindness[stream] (28:39 5.2Mb)887 A
14/04/2013Does Jesus Make People Happy?[stream] (28:15 5.1Mb)876 A
20/01/2013Do I Care[stream] (28:37 5.2Mb)851 A
28/10/2012Acts study chapters 4-5[stream] (39:26 7.1Mb)813 A
21/10/2012Reveal the Gospel[stream] (33:33 6.1Mb)809 A
19/08/2012Speaking to our children[stream] (39:37 7.2Mb)779 A
12/08/2012Personal Experience - Talking to Saul[stream] (40:34 7.4Mb)775 A
08/07/2012Speaking the gospel - to ignorant believers in God[stream] (35:20 6.4Mb)763 A
10/06/2012Speaking the Gospel: Jesus before Pilate[stream] (36:37 6.6Mb)747 A
27/05/2012Jesus and the Jews[stream] (38:43 7Mb)739 A
06/05/2012Principles of Christ[stream] (23:18 4.2Mb)727 A
25/03/2012Filling what is lacking[stream] (52:25 9.5Mb)713 A
11/03/2012What should i shout?[stream] (46:38 8.4Mb)705 A
26/02/2012The Glory of the Lord revealed[stream] (41:27 7.5Mb)701 A
19/02/2012Prepare The Way of The Lord[stream] (44:06 8Mb)697 A
27/11/2011God Is Not Far From Us[stream] (22:40 4.1Mb)661 A
18/09/2011Running from God[stream] (29:44 5.4Mb)623 A
31/07/2011Words of God - Faith and Unbelief[stream] (39:34 7.2Mb)597 A
24/07/2011Words of God - Good and Evil - Lesson1[stream] (38:02 6.9Mb)595 A
10/07/2011The words God uses revealed[stream] (37:49 6.9Mb)583 A
01/05/2011Exodus - God Speaks for his People L2[stream] (48:07 8.7Mb)545 A
24/04/2011God Remembers His People[stream] (39:09 7Mb)541 A
13/03/2011Giving God the Glory - Suffering for Christ[stream] (40:54 7.4Mb)517 A
13/03/2011Suffering[stream] (27:06 4.9Mb)515 A
13/02/2011Imitate Jesus in temptation[stream] (28:56 5.2Mb)502 A
09/01/2011Jesus gives glory to God[stream] (26:05 4.7Mb)495 A
28/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 8[stream] (34:58 6.3Mb)485 A
21/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 4,6[stream] (38:20 6.9Mb)482 A
07/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 5 (4)[stream] (42:29 7.6Mb)479 A
24/10/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 3[stream] (34:19 6.2Mb)476 A
17/10/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 2[stream] (36:01 6.5Mb)474 A
10/10/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 1[stream] (44:43 8Mb)472 A
08/08/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church: Harmony of Design[stream] (35:35 6.4Mb)456 A
08/08/2010Unity[stream] (28:47 5.2Mb)455 A
06/06/2010A Confident Stand ... what a Christian has[stream] (29:54 14.4Mb)442 A
25/04/2010Jesus, The Good News[stream] (25:14 4.7Mb)435 A
06/12/2009Righteousness[stream] (29:37 5.5Mb)413 A
09/08/2009Darwin lesson 02 - the Creator is more glorious[stream] (39:08 16.4Mb)388 A
19/07/2009One who is forgiven much, loves much[stream] (24:18 10.2Mb)383 A
05/04/2009Redemption comes through Jesus[stream] (28:29 13.7Mb)354 A
30/11/2008Heaven[stream] (28:04 11.8Mb)315 A
15/06/2008Passionate People[stream] (27:54 11.7Mb)282 A
30/03/2008Love God[stream] (23:32 9.9Mb)268 A
20/01/2008Who is Jesus?[stream] (28:07 11.8Mb)243 A
30/12/2007Be humble and remember God[stream] (27:49 11.7Mb)231 A
07/10/2007Shepherds and Households part 2[stream] (47:02 19.8Mb)228 B
07/10/2007Shepherds and Households[stream] (22:15 9.3Mb)228 A
22/07/2007Encouraging one another[stream] (24:05 10.1Mb)222 B
22/04/2007David, a good shepherd of God's people[stream] (27:26 11.5Mb)216 B
25/02/2007Selflessness in suffering[stream] (28:31 12Mb)212 B
24/12/2006Worship Jesus always[stream] (28:01 11.8Mb)208 A
05/11/2006God's grace for salvation[stream] (25:00 10.5Mb)204 A
17/09/2006Singing, and Hezekiah's passion for God[stream] (18:03 7.6Mb)200 B
04/12/2005Persistance in speaking the gospel[stream] (29:18 5.3Mb)181 A
02/10/2005Forgiveness[stream] (29:14 5.3Mb)176 B
28/08/2005The purpose of Jesus[stream] (26:06 4.7Mb)174 A
31/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Stimulate one another to love and good deeds[stream] (38:32 6.9Mb)171 A
24/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Keeping God's commandments[stream] (32:04 5.8Mb)170 A
10/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Believe and worship God[stream] (33:29 6Mb)168 A
03/07/2005Worshipping God: Unity in the Spirit[stream] (35:29 6.4Mb)167 A
26/06/2005God cares for us more than we think[stream] (27:33 5Mb)166 A
19/06/2005Laying on hands[stream] (41:07 7.4Mb)164 A
12/06/2005Worshipping God: Giving with purpose in heart[stream] (33:24 6Mb)165 A
05/06/2005Worshipping God: Waiting for one another[stream] (35:29 6.4Mb)162 B
29/05/2005Sharing God's Good News[stream] (27:01 4.9Mb)161 B
22/05/2005Worshipping God: Saying 'Amen' at the giving of thanks[stream] (34:30 6.2Mb)160 A
08/05/2005Worshipping God: Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus[stream] (34:01 6.1Mb)157 A
24/04/2005Why did Christians come together in the scriptures[stream] (29:07 5.2Mb)155 B
17/04/2005Worshipping God: Worthy to receive glory and honour and blessing[stream] (42:28 7.6Mb)154 A
03/04/2005Jesus the promised seed[stream] (39:50 7.2Mb)152 A
27/03/2005Jesus the Brother[stream] (40:55 7.4Mb)151 A
20/03/2005Jesus the Obedient Son[stream] (34:34 6.2Mb)150 A
13/03/2005Unless the Lord builds the house[stream] (24:47 4.5Mb)149 B
06/03/2005Jesus the Prophet who was to come[stream] (35:50 6.5Mb)148 A
13/02/2005Jesus the Good Shepherd[stream] (34:56 6.3Mb)141 A
06/02/2005Jesus the Redeemer, the Saviour[stream] (35:24 6.4Mb)140 A
23/01/2005Jesus the Prince of Peace[stream] (39:03 7Mb)138 A
10/10/2004God's will in marriage[stream] (30:40 9.3Mb)123 B
19/09/2004Philippians 4:4-9[stream] (20:15 6.4Mb)121 A
12/09/2004The relationship of Jesus to his body[stream] (28:35 9.9Mb)119 B
12/09/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Josiah[stream] (33:05 12.3Mb)118 B
05/09/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Hezekiah[stream] (34:00 11Mb)118 A
08/08/2004Edification: Equipping saints for work of service[stream] (27:45 6.4Mb)113 B
01/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: David[stream] (32:10 7.4Mb)112 A
25/07/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: David[stream] (36:46 8.4Mb)111 B
13/06/2004Laying on of hands[stream] (28:58 6.6Mb)107 B
09/05/2004Love & unity in the church: 2. One in Christ[stream] (19:30 4.3Mb)103 B
04/04/2004Jesus speaks with a woman, a foreigner, a sinner and a false worshipper[stream] (32:57 6.8Mb)101 A
14/03/2004The first gave themselves (2 Cor 8:1-9)[stream] (24:38 5.1Mb)100 A
01/02/2004Christ changes[stream] (30:08 6.2Mb)97 A
21/12/2003Abba father, my father[stream] (30:46 7.4Mb)94 A
16/11/2003God is light[stream] (28:11 6.8Mb)91 B
05/10/2003You get what you need[stream] (31:02 7.4Mb)87 A
06/07/2003Is the Bible true?[stream] (27:08 6.5Mb)77 B
15/06/2003Jesus' Promises[stream] (25:37 6.1Mb)76 A
25/05/2003Sheep without a shepherd[stream] (27:30 6.6Mb)74 B
06/04/2003Courage[stream] (28:13 6.8Mb)70 B
02/03/2003Do you know God? Does God know you?[stream] (25:52 6.2Mb)67 A
04/08/2002New Life in Jesus[stream] (24:36 5.9Mb)47 B
07/07/2002Baptism[stream] (27:37 6.6Mb)42 B
02/06/2002An honest and good heart[stream] (30:13 7.3Mb)40 A
12/05/2002Good Mums[stream] (26:09 6.3Mb)38 B
14/04/2002Choices[stream] (27:52 6.7Mb)36 B
03/03/2002No Fear in Love[stream] (12:42 3Mb)31 B
17/02/2002Seeing God[stream] (25:21 6.1Mb)30 B
06/01/2002The rhythm of life[stream] (13:42 3.3Mb)26 B
30/12/2001Plans for 2002[stream] (13:31 3.2Mb)26 A
04/11/2001Jesus' offer[stream] (14:43 3.5Mb)19 B
14/10/2001Lessons from washing Jesus' feet[stream] (11:39 2.8Mb)18 A
30/09/2001God's love never gives up[stream] (12:27 3Mb)17 A
02/09/2001God is Love; Love is forgiveness[stream] (14:43 3.5Mb)15 A
17/06/2001How can I save myself, family, others[stream] (12:52 3.1Mb)9 B
03/06/2001Jesus and Prayer[stream] (15:11 3.6Mb)8 B
06/05/2001Jesis hs head of the church[stream] (12:51 3.1Mb)7 A
08/04/2001Who is my brother?[stream] (11:39 2.8Mb)4 B
11/03/2001Are you qualified?[stream] (11:32 2.8Mb)2 B

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga