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12/12/2021Lords Supper[stream] (10:59 9.5Mb)2040 A
19/09/2021Lords Supper[stream] (9:00 7.6Mb)2020 A
08/08/2021Lords Supper[stream] (11:03 9.5Mb)2008 A
11/11/2018Lord's Supper[stream] (6:57 1.7Mb)1727 A
21/01/2018Lord's supper[stream] (9:10 2.2Mb)1565 A
27/08/2017Lords Supper[stream] (8:28 2.1Mb)1481 A
25/08/2013Bible class 25 Aug 2013[stream] (38:28 7Mb)913 A
17/06/2012The apostles and devout people on the day of Pentecost[stream] (39:28 7.1Mb)751 A
12/06/2011Exodus - Lesson 8[stream] (42:14 7.6Mb)567 A
05/06/2011Exodus - Lesson 7[stream] (44:21 8Mb)563 A
29/05/2011Being called out of the world[stream] (41:21 7.4Mb)559 A

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga