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19/12/2021Rejoice![stream] (25:06 20.3Mb)2042 A
17/10/2021Immersion in God[stream] (27:40 22.8Mb)2026 A
12/09/2021Missing Peace[stream] (25:08 20.4Mb)2019 A
15/08/2021The Kindness of God[stream] (31:21 25.3Mb)2011 A
20/06/2021The Story of God in Joseph and Jacob[stream] (25:43 20.4Mb)1996 A
16/05/2021Lords Supper[stream] (15:12 12.4Mb)1987 A
21/03/2021The Designer Determines the Value[stream] (25:06 18.2Mb)1977 A
21/02/2021Spiritual Gift[stream] (25:54 19.3Mb)1974 A
17/01/2021God fills our cup[stream] (25:11 6.1Mb)1966 A
11/10/2020In the World Not of the World[stream] (39:25 9.5Mb)1939 A
20/09/2020Lords supper[stream] (5:01 1.2Mb)1936 A
17/05/2020See you next Sunday[stream] (34:31 14.9Mb)1911 A
29/12/2019The Holy Spirit Changes Us[stream] (40:05 9.6Mb)1870 A
20/10/2019Are You Ready[stream] (29:40 7.2Mb)1855 A
17/03/2019Loving your enemies[stream] (31:48 7.7Mb)1783 A
02/12/2018Serving God in the Workplace[stream] (26:52 6.5Mb)1739 A
07/10/2018God to the Rescue[stream] (33:27 8.1Mb)1707 A
22/07/2018Lords Supper Talk[stream] (3:34 0.9Mb)1663 A
15/07/2018Pastors and Elders[stream] (26:32 6.4Mb)1661 A
29/04/2018Lord's Supper[stream] (5:26 1.3Mb)1617 A
22/04/2018Lords Supper[stream] (4:21 1.1Mb)1613 A
28/01/2018Be Faithful to the End[stream] (27:22 6.6Mb)1571 A
17/12/2017Lord's Supper[stream] (4:41 1.2Mb)1545 A
10/12/2017Sincere Follwers[stream] (26:41 6.4Mb)1543 A
29/10/2017Called to Peace[stream] (29:30 7.1Mb)1519 A
09/07/2017Rejoice[stream] (27:21 6.6Mb)1455 A
18/06/2017The Best Dad Ever[stream] (24:16 5.9Mb)1445 A
02/04/2017The love of the father[stream] (23:31 5.7Mb)1395 A
12/02/2017Lord's Supper[stream] (5:05 1.3Mb)1365 A
04/09/2016Will the Saved be Few[stream] (28:56 7Mb)1273 A
31/07/2016Lord's Supper 31 07 2016[stream] (12:55 3.1Mb)1251 A
19/06/2016The Lord is our Shepherd[stream] (24:31 5.9Mb)1227 A
29/05/2016Will You Hear His Voice[stream] (29:08 7Mb)1219 A
24/04/2016God Delivers Us Out Of Our Trials[stream] (17:28 4.2Mb)1205 A
20/03/2016Is the Bible from God[stream] (39:03 9.4Mb)1191 A
01/11/2015Godly Guidance[stream] (32:36 7.9Mb)1149 A
14/12/2014God is Awesome[stream] (40:48 9.8Mb)1049 A
16/11/2014The Joy of Salvation[stream] (42:16 10.2Mb)1041 A
01/06/2014Working Out for Good[stream] (29:59 7.2Mb)993 A
20/04/2014Dead or Alive[stream] (29:49 7.2Mb)981 A
01/12/2013He's coming back[stream] (17:46 4.3Mb)941 A
06/10/2013A clear conscience[stream] (30:17 7.3Mb)925 A
09/06/2013Do not worry[stream] (27:00 4.9Mb)885 A
19/05/2013We got issues[stream] (35:54 6.5Mb)883 A
31/03/2013Resurrection[stream] (40:25 7.3Mb)870 A
17/02/2013The Need Is Now[stream] (32:20 5.9Mb)859 A
13/01/2013Growing God's Way[stream] (34:10 6.1Mb)849 A
09/12/2012Serving One Another[stream] (49:43 9Mb)835 A
21/10/2012A Real Life[stream] (24:59 4.5Mb)807 A
16/09/2012Blessed Are the Feet[stream] (38:20 6.9Mb)793 A
05/08/2012Sermon on the Mount - readings and prayers[stream] (37:50 6.9Mb)771 A
27/05/2012Shoot the Imposter[stream] (32:24 5.9Mb)737 A
15/04/2012Gospel Central[stream] (33:18 6Mb)721 A
01/04/2012We Live, If You Stand Firm[stream] (37:21 6.8Mb)715 A
18/03/2012Do What!?!?[stream] (31:45 5.8Mb)707 A
26/02/2012Glass Half Empty Or Half Full[stream] (28:40 5.2Mb)699 A
06/11/2011Spiritual Adultery[stream] (31:02 5.6Mb)649 A
16/10/2011God, Put Me Where You Want Me[stream] (22:39 4.1Mb)637 A
03/07/2011Sin Scars[stream] (26:15 4.8Mb)577 A

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga