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02/08/2021Spiritual Freedom[stream] (34:13 24.6Mb)Eddie, Josh and Jaden2007 A
06/07/2021Value of God's Word[stream] (38:02 21.5Mb)Eddie, Andrew, Josh2000 A
29/05/2021Podcast for Sunday Message[stream] (20:12 21Mb)Eddie Legg + Others1991 A
06/07/2019associated documentsIntentionally Multigenerational[stream] (40:05 9.3Mb)Daniel Stockstill1825 A
06/07/2019associated documentsLife stages in individual members of the congregation[stream] (1:05:43 14.3Mb)Daniel Stockstill1823 A
05/07/2019associated documentsRestoring Vitality and the Composition of the Congregation[stream] (1:43:46 22.3Mb)Daniel Stockstill1821 A
04/07/2019associated documentsLifecycle of a Congregation[stream] (1:26:45 18.8Mb)Daniel Stockstill1819 A
30/12/2018Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ[stream] (34:01 8.2Mb)Wilbert Sibanda1757 A
07/01/2018God is Faithful[stream] (18:13 4.4Mb)John Sligh1559 A
07/01/2018Lords Supper[stream] (5:00 1.2Mb)Aldrich1557 A
09/04/2017Been in the world but not of the world[stream] (23:36 5.7Mb)Steve Gilligan1399 A
09/04/2017Lords Supper[stream] (3:09 0.8Mb)Eddie Legg1397 A
26/03/2017Who Do You Love?[stream] (23:13 5.6Mb)Paul Tyers1389 A
26/03/2017Lords Supper[stream] (2:57 0.8Mb)Roger Tyers1387 A
19/03/2017Perspective[stream] (23:30 5.7Mb)Eddie Legg1385 A
19/03/2017Lords Supper[stream] (5:46 1.4Mb)Tim R1383 A
12/03/2017Holy Spirit Changes Belivers into the Glory of Jesus[stream] (22:04 5.3Mb)Roger Tyers1381 A
12/03/2017Lord's Supper[stream] (5:17 1.3Mb)Ian D1379 A
26/02/2017Forginess in Jesus[stream] (24:26 5.9Mb)Sylvester Iloh1377 A
26/02/2017Lord's Supper[stream] (5:44 1.4Mb)Damien Parker1375 A
29/01/2017Lesson by Wayne Harris[stream] (23:24 5.7Mb)Wayne Harris1361 A
29/01/2017Lords Supper 29 01 2017[stream] (6:27 1.6Mb)Eddie Legg1359 A
22/01/2017Lords supper 22 01 2017[stream] (3:20 0.8Mb)Unspecified1357 A
22/01/2017Youth Lesson by Dobor[stream] (14:07 3.4Mb)Dobor1355 A
22/01/2017Youth Lesson by Aldrich [stream] (7:07 1.8Mb)Aldrich1353 A
15/01/2017Trusting in God - Transformed by Truth[stream] (29:35 7.1Mb)Steve Gilligan1351 A
15/01/2017Lords supper 15 01 2017[stream] (6:02 1.5Mb)Unspecified1349 A
06/11/2016Lords Supper 06 11 2016[stream] (6:17 1.6Mb)Peter Coleman1311 A
19/01/2014when things are good[stream] (28:14 6.8Mb)Roger Tyers955 A
18/03/2012Good News - The Word of The Lord Stands Forever[stream] (46:42 8.5Mb)Peter Coleman709 A
22/01/2012The church in the Philippines[stream] (34:44 6.3Mb)Trevor Williams683 A
17/04/2011Positive Faith[stream] (21:08 3.8Mb)Quinton Funk537 A
10/04/2011Giving God the Glory through Sharing[stream] (39:13 7.1Mb)Jef Lee535 A
10/04/2011Similarities between Abraham and us[stream] (27:52 5Mb)Peter Coleman533 A
03/04/2011Isaiah 1 - Seek Justice[stream] (25:04 4.5Mb)Eddie Legg531 A
27/03/2011Giving God the Glory in One Voice[stream] (35:06 6.3Mb)Jef Lee527 A
27/03/2011Isaiah 1 - repentance and life[stream] (24:02 4.3Mb)Eddie Legg525 A
20/03/2011God's Glorious Temple[stream] (35:41 6.4Mb)Bob Abney523 A
20/03/2011Giving God the Glory - Praise of lips[stream] (36:27 6.6Mb)Bob Abney521 A
20/03/2011Giving Glory to God from the Heart[stream] (33:18 6Mb)Bob Abney519 A
13/03/2011Giving God the Glory - Suffering for Christ[stream] (40:54 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers517 A
13/03/2011Suffering[stream] (27:06 4.9Mb)Roger Tyers515 A
06/03/2011Giving God the glory in the body[stream] (49:04 8.8Mb)Rob Vander Kraats513 A
06/03/2011What Can You (Or I) Give God?[stream] (21:59 4Mb)John Sligh511 A
27/02/2011Giving God the Glory - through faith Lesson 5[stream] (49:19 8.9Mb)Rob Vander Kraats509 A
27/02/2011Ready for the End[stream] (27:25 4.9Mb)Trevor Streeton507 A
20/02/2011Giving God the glory because of our fear and his love[stream] (42:49 7.7Mb)Trevor Streeton505 A
20/02/2011Fear God[stream] (22:47 4.1Mb)Eddie Legg504 A
13/02/2011Giving God the Glory for His Holy Spirit[stream] (38:50 7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats503 A
13/02/2011Imitate Jesus in temptation[stream] (28:56 5.2Mb)Roger Tyers502 A
06/02/2011Giving God the Glory Because of Salvation[stream] (43:22 7.8Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats501 A
06/02/2011Glorify God in prayer[stream] (25:18 4.6Mb)Jef Lee500 A
30/01/2011Giving glory to God because of his mighty deeds[stream] (40:26 7.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats499 A
30/01/2011Readings relating to God's glory[stream] (25:03 4.5Mb)Peter Coleman498 A
23/01/2011Jehosaphat[stream] (26:39 4.8Mb)David Atchley497 A
16/01/2011Give Glory to God ... How?[stream] (28:11 5.1Mb)Glen Prideaux496 A
09/01/2011Jesus gives glory to God[stream] (26:05 4.7Mb)Roger Tyers495 A
02/01/2011Parable of the Talents[stream] (42:47 7.7Mb)David Atchley494 A
02/01/2011Re-creation[stream] (24:00 4.3Mb)Eddie Legg493 A
26/12/2010Celebrating Jesus' Birth[stream] (45:39 8.2Mb)Eddie Legg492 A
19/12/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 11[stream] (44:42 8Mb)Paul Tyers491 A
19/12/2010There's a Great Day Coming[stream] (22:04 4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats490 A
12/12/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 10[stream] (44:35 8Mb)Paul Tyers489 A
12/12/2010Wisdom from Above[stream] (33:15 6Mb)Paul Tyers488 A
05/12/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 9[stream] (38:51 7Mb)Paul Tyers487 A
05/12/2010Moses[stream] (26:12 4.7Mb)Quinton Funk486 A
28/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 8[stream] (34:58 6.3Mb)Roger Tyers485 A
28/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 7[stream] (41:39 7.5Mb)Paul Tyers484 A
28/11/2010What is Faith?[stream] (29:39 5.3Mb)Eddie Legg483 A
21/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 4,6[stream] (38:20 6.9Mb)Roger Tyers482 A
21/11/2010What Are You Doing[stream] (36:24 6.6Mb)Alan Smith481 A
14/11/2010Original sin?[stream] (37:11 6.7Mb)Jef Lee480 A
07/11/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 5 (4)[stream] (42:29 7.6Mb)Roger Tyers479 A
07/11/2010Giving God the Glory[stream] (25:56 4.7Mb)David Atchley478 A
31/10/2010Stories[stream] (29:23 5.3Mb)Benjamin White477 A
24/10/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 3[stream] (34:19 6.2Mb)Roger Tyers476 A
24/10/2010Caring and supporting one another[stream] (31:27 5.7Mb)Rob Vander Kraats475 A
17/10/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 2[stream] (36:01 6.5Mb)Roger Tyers474 A
17/10/2010Sanctification[stream] (31:10 5.6Mb)Eddie Legg473 A
10/10/2010Christ and Isaiah - Lesson 1[stream] (44:43 8Mb)Roger Tyers472 A
10/10/2010Combatting the Sickness Inside Us[stream] (20:40 3.7Mb)John Atchley471 A
03/10/2010Readings from Romans chapter 8[stream] (35:21 6.4Mb)Eddie Legg470 A
26/09/2010Christian service[stream] (23:26 4.2Mb)Peter Coleman469 A
19/09/2010God's Design for Building up the Church - Security[stream] (52:20 9.4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats468 A
19/09/2010God's Faithfulness[stream] (44:51 8.1Mb)Various467 A
12/09/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church - Owner's Rights[stream] (49:45 9Mb)Eddie Legg466 A
12/09/2010Hope[stream] (34:19 6.2Mb)Jef Lee465 A
05/09/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church - Lighting[stream] (52:11 9.4Mb)David Atchley464 A
05/09/2010Purpose of Life[stream] (13:35 2.4Mb)John Atchley463 A
29/08/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church - Built on Love[stream] (47:10 8.5Mb)John Atchley462 A
29/08/2010Discernment[stream] (29:39 5.3Mb)Eddie Legg461 A
22/08/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church - Occupational health and safety[stream] (48:32 8.7Mb)Eddie Legg460 A
22/08/2010Light of the World[stream] (26:55 4.8Mb)Wilbert Sibanda459 A
15/08/2010Song Service 15 August 2010 (copyright song removed)[stream] (1:19:29 14.3Mb)Various458 A
15/08/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church: A Growing Building[stream] (30:26 5.5Mb)Peter Coleman457 A
08/08/2010God's Design for Building Up the Church: Harmony of Design[stream] (35:35 6.4Mb)Roger Tyers456 A
08/08/2010Unity[stream] (28:47 5.2Mb)Roger Tyers455 A
01/08/2010Do not love the world[stream] (37:56 6.8Mb)Peter Coleman454 A
25/07/2010God had a dream and he has a team[stream] (30:26 5.5Mb)George Funk453 A
25/07/2010God's design for building up the church: A Living Building[stream] (39:14 7.1Mb)Peter Coleman452 A
25/07/2010Jesus' presence in the church[stream] (29:37 5.3Mb)Paul Tyers451 A
18/07/2010Righteousness Jesus' Way[stream] (43:55 7.9Mb)Alan Smith450 A
18/07/2010God's design for building the church: The Architect[stream] (35:11 6.3Mb)Peter Coleman449 A
11/07/2010Faith of Stephen[stream] (29:08 5.2Mb)David Atchley448 A
04/07/2010Concerned Sharing ... what a Christian Gives[stream] (27:25 4.9Mb)Trevor Streeton447 A
27/06/2010Seven Questions from Revelation[stream] (42:11 7.6Mb)Gerry de Boer446 A
27/06/2010Contrite Submission ... what a Christian feels[stream] (32:55 5.9Mb)Wilbert Sibanda445 A
20/06/2010Careful Speech ... what a Christian Says[stream] (25:24 4.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats444 A
13/06/2010Compassionate Service ... what a Christian does[stream] (29:31 5.3Mb)Eddie Legg443 A
06/06/2010A Confident Stand ... what a Christian has[stream] (29:54 14.4Mb)Roger Tyers442 A
30/05/2010The Abandoned Camp[stream] (25:41 4.7Mb)Trevor Streeton439 A
23/05/2010What are you doing with your life?[stream] (31:53 5.7Mb)Eddie Legg441 A
22/05/2010God's purpose for our lives[stream] (28:43 5.2Mb)Eddie Legg440 A
16/05/2010Faith and Works[stream] (22:43 4.3Mb)Quinton Funk438 A
09/05/2010The beginning of the gospel[stream] (19:52 3.6Mb)Eddie Legg437 A
02/05/2010Telling the Good News[stream] (31:32 5.8Mb)Peter Coleman436 A
25/04/2010Jesus, The Good News[stream] (25:14 4.7Mb)Roger Tyers435 A
18/04/2010The Good News[stream] (30:32 5.8Mb)Alan Smith434 A
11/04/2010Worship[stream] (25:23 4.7Mb)Eddie Legg433 A
04/04/2010Jesus - Worthy of Praise[stream] (27:00 5.1Mb)David Atchley432 A
28/03/2010Worship - the Lord's Supper[stream] (24:01 4.4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats431 A
21/03/2010Worship - Giving[stream] (31:34 5.7Mb)Trevor Streeton430 A
14/03/2010Worship - Prayer[stream] (26:49 5Mb)Wilbert Sibanda429 A
07/03/2010Worship - Reading Scripture and Preaching[stream] (35:54 6.6Mb)Jef Lee428 A
28/02/2010Worship - Singing[stream] (23:51 4.5Mb)David Atchley426 A
21/02/2010Building the Church[stream] (33:06 6.1Mb)Peter Coleman425 A
14/02/2010Giving glory to God[stream] (22:37 4.1Mb)Eddie Legg424 A
07/02/2010People of God[stream] (26:08 4.8Mb)Paul Tyers423 A
31/01/2010Christian Living 101[stream] (27:23 5.1Mb)David Atchley422 A
24/01/2010Going Deeper[stream] (26:53 5Mb)Eddie Legg421 A
17/01/2010Why shouldn't I be baptised?[stream] (23:22 4.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats420 A
10/01/2010Disciples are learners[stream] (25:22 4.7Mb)Peter Coleman419 A
03/01/2010Seating Arrangements[stream] (21:01 4Mb)Quinton Funk418 A
27/12/2009No Substitute[stream] (27:23 5Mb)Trevor Streeton417 A
20/12/2009associated documentsGospel Chariot Missions in Africa[stream] (34:57 6.5Mb)George Funk416 A
20/12/2009Peace on Earth[stream] (30:39 5.6Mb)Jef Lee415 A
13/12/2009Overcoming the World[stream] (22:12 4Mb)Paul Tyers414 A
06/12/2009Righteousness[stream] (29:37 5.5Mb)Roger Tyers413 A
29/11/2009The Kingdom of Heaven[stream] (25:06 4.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats412 A
22/11/2009Jesus, Satan and Us[stream] (39:47 7.5Mb)Alan Smith411 A
15/11/2009Freedom through faith[stream] (25:49 4.8Mb)Eddie Legg410 A
08/11/2009Salvation[stream] (30:01 5.6Mb)Peter Coleman409 A
01/11/2009Connected to One Another[stream] (37:28 7Mb)Wilson Legg408 A
25/10/2009Jesus is the Truth[stream] (40:45 7.5Mb)Paul Tyers407 A
18/10/2009The Lord is in this place and I knew it not[stream] (22:43 4.2Mb)Trevor Streeton406 A
11/10/2009associated documentsThe Humanity of Jesus[stream] (32:08 6.1Mb)Alan Smith405 A
07/10/20091 Corinthians 11 class[stream] (55:26 13.3Mb)Alan Smith404 A
04/10/2009Darwin Lesson 10 - What it means for us[stream] (52:21 10Mb)Alan Smith403 A
04/10/2009Tenderhearted[stream] (31:46 3.9Mb)Herman Atchley402 A
20/09/2009Darwin lesson 08 - Survival of the Faithful[stream] (50:48 21.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats401 A
20/09/2009Growing in faith[stream] (35:34 14.9Mb)Eddie Legg400 A
13/09/2009Darwin lesson 07 - How do we view other people?[stream] (1:02:39 26.3Mb)Eddie Legg399 A
13/09/2009Why did Jesus die on the Cross[stream] (29:16 12.3Mb)Rob Vander Kraats398 A
06/09/2009Our Father[stream] (27:14 11.4Mb)Paul Tyers397 A
06/09/2009Darwin lesson 06 - How do we view the Earth?[stream] (50:59 21.4Mb)Alan Smith396 A
30/08/2009Darwin study 5 - made in God's image[stream] (36:18 15.3Mb)Ken Deetlefs395 A
30/08/2009What is God like?[stream] (26:09 11Mb)Eddie Legg394 A
23/08/2009Darwin lesson 04 - God's Purposes for His Creation[stream] (46:18 19.5Mb)Wilbert Sibanda393 A
23/08/2009Forgiveness[stream] (29:49 12.5Mb)Benjamin White392 A
16/08/2009God Is Faithful[stream] (36:19 15.3Mb)Eddie Legg391 A
16/08/2009Darwin lesson 03 - the subjectivity of the subject[stream] (42:32 17.9Mb)Eddie Legg390 A
09/08/2009Into Jesus[stream] (29:44 12.5Mb)Jef Lee389 A
09/08/2009Darwin lesson 02 - the Creator is more glorious[stream] (39:08 16.4Mb)Roger Tyers388 A
02/08/2009Darwin lesson 01[stream] (32:49 13.8Mb)Eddie Legg387 A
02/08/2009Reasonable doubt has strengthened my faith[stream] (27:36 11.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats386 A
26/07/2009Confidence in God[stream] (22:21 9.4Mb)David Atchley385 A
19/07/2009Revelation class 43[stream] (52:25 9.4Mb)Alan Smith384 A
19/07/2009One who is forgiven much, loves much[stream] (24:18 10.2Mb)Roger Tyers383 A
12/07/2009Revelation class 42[stream] (59:47 10.8Mb)Alan Smith382 A
12/07/2009He can deliver[stream] (19:30 3.5Mb)Wilbert Sibanda381 A
05/07/2009Revelation class 41[stream] (49:46 9Mb)Alan Smith380 A
05/07/2009Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever[stream] (28:08 13.5Mb)Paul Tyers379 A
28/06/2009Revelation class 40[stream] (54:35 9.8Mb)Alan Smith377 A
28/06/2009Gospel Transformation[stream] (19:59 9.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats376 A
21/06/2009Revelation class 39[stream] (43:13 7.8Mb)Alan Smith375 A
21/06/2009Faith like Abraham[stream] (32:00 15.4Mb)Eddie Legg374 A
14/06/2009Reflecting on the life of Kwame Ditsa 1[stream] (5:14 2.5Mb)Various378 A
14/06/2009Reflecting on the life of Kwame Ditsa 3[stream] (1:02 0.5Mb)Various373 A
14/06/2009Reflecting on the life of Kwame Ditsa 2[stream] (20:05 9.7Mb)Various372 A
14/06/2009Reflecting on the life of Kwame Ditsa 1[stream] (5:33 2.7Mb)Various371 A
31/05/2009Revelation class 38[stream] (55:41 10Mb)Alan Smith370 A
31/05/2009Failure focus[stream] (28:29 13.7Mb)Eddie Legg369 A
24/05/2009associated documentsWhat is God like?[stream] (24:24 11.7Mb)Peter Coleman368 A
17/05/2009Revelation class 37[stream] (57:15 10.3Mb)Alan Smith367 A
17/05/2009associated documentsPaul's transformation[stream] (31:36 15.2Mb)Rob Vander Kraats366 A
10/05/2009Revelation Class 36[stream] (50:34 9.1Mb)Alan Smith365 A
10/05/2009The Prodical Son[stream] (43:23 20.8Mb)Alan Smith364 A
03/05/2009Revelation Class 35[stream] (54:58 9.9Mb)Alan Smith363 A
03/05/2009Safety and Comfort[stream] (27:19 13.1Mb)Paul Tyers362 A
26/04/2009Revelation Class 34[stream] (59:37 10.7Mb)Alan Smith361 A
26/04/2009What does God expect of me?[stream] (27:16 13.1Mb)Peter Coleman360 A
19/04/2009Revelation Class 33[stream] (48:51 8.8Mb)Alan Smith359 A
19/04/2009Amos - the man of Tekoa[stream] (39:16 18.9Mb)Jack Smith358 A
12/04/2009Revelation Class 32[stream] (44:21 8Mb)Alan Smith357 A
12/04/2009Science and the Bible[stream] (29:21 14.1Mb)Jef Lee356 A
05/04/2009Revelation Class 31[stream] (46:51 8.4Mb)Alan Smith355 A
05/04/2009Redemption comes through Jesus[stream] (28:29 13.7Mb)Roger Tyers354 A
29/03/2009Revelation Class 30[stream] (44:57 8.1Mb)Alan Smith353 A
29/03/2009Love[stream] (26:22 12.7Mb)Wilbert Sibanda352 A
22/03/2009Revelation Class 29[stream] (51:44 9.3Mb)Alan Smith351 A
22/03/2009I Cannot Come[stream] (23:37 11.3Mb)Trevor Streeton350 A
15/03/2009Embracing Biblical Transformation[stream] (23:36 8.5Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats349 A
08/03/2009Revelation Class 28[stream] (1:03:49 11.5Mb)Alan Smith348 A
08/03/2009Jesus, our way to God[stream] (30:54 14.8Mb)Paul Tyers347 A
01/03/2009Things I have Learned[stream] (28:08 13.5Mb)Eddie Legg346 A
01/03/2009associated documentsRevelation Class 27[stream] (51:13 9.2Mb)Alan Smith345 A
22/02/2009associated documentsRevelation Class 26[stream] (47:00 8.5Mb)Alan Smith344 A
22/02/2009Grace[stream] (31:22 15.1Mb)Jef Lee343 A
15/02/2009Revelation Class 25[stream] (58:45 10.6Mb)Alan Smith330 A
15/02/2009From Faith to Faith[stream] (21:28 10.3Mb)Benjamin White329 A
08/02/2009Appointment of Wilbert to serve as elder[stream] (44:14 18.6Mb)Various328 A
08/02/2009Revelation class 24[stream] (35:29 6.4Mb)Alan Smith327 A
01/02/2009Revelation Class 23[stream] (57:26 3.4Mb)Alan Smith326 A
01/02/2009Worship[stream] (23:52 4.3Mb)Eddie Legg325 A
25/01/2009Kingdom of Heaven vs Kingdom of God[stream] (34:18 14.4Mb)Alan Smith324 A
18/01/2009Transformation[stream] (25:18 10.6Mb)Rob Vander Kraats323 A
12/01/2009Seeds and what grows from them[stream] (30:15 12.7Mb)Jef Lee339 A
11/01/2009Edifying one another[stream] (30:54 13Mb)Paul Tyers322 A
04/01/2009Under the mighty hand of God - lessons from Ezra[stream] (21:31 9Mb)David Atchley320 A
28/12/2008Compassion[stream] (27:12 11.4Mb)Eddie Legg319 A
21/12/2008Windows[stream] (21:27 9Mb)Trevor Streeton318 A
14/12/2008The book of creation[stream] (21:27 9Mb)John Atchley317 A
07/12/2008What is God doing this morning?[stream] (25:30 10.7Mb)Peter Coleman316 A
30/11/2008Heaven[stream] (28:04 11.8Mb)Roger Tyers315 A
23/11/2008The Gold Standard of Jesus Christ[stream] (34:33 14.5Mb)Paul Tyers314 A
16/11/2008Uncertain Times[stream] (28:40 12Mb)Eddie Legg313 A
09/11/2008Hope[stream] (21:23 9Mb)Wilbert Sibanda312 A
02/11/2008Responding to God[stream] (24:36 10.3Mb)John Sligh311 A
26/10/2008Trusting in God[stream] (27:24 11.5Mb)Jef Lee310 A
19/10/2008The Faithfulness of God[stream] (33:27 14Mb)Alan Smith309 A
05/10/2008Shepherdology 5: Submitting to shepherds[stream] (39:30 16.6Mb)Bob Abney308 A
05/10/2008Shepherdology 4: Feeding the sheep[stream] (28:54 12.1Mb)Bob Abney307 A
05/10/2008Shepherdology 3: Good sheep[stream] (30:08 12.7Mb)Bob Abney306 A
04/10/2008Shepherdology 2: Accountability of shepherds and sheep[stream] (39:53 16.8Mb)Bob Abney305 A
04/10/2008Shepherdology 1: Shepherds and sheep[stream] (39:59 16.8Mb)Bob Abney304 A
21/09/2008Revelation class 22[stream] (42:07 18Mb)Alan Smith303 A
21/09/2008Fathers[stream] (31:12 13.1Mb)Eddie Legg302 A
14/09/2008Running the race[stream] (26:53 11.3Mb)Rob Vander Kraats301 A
14/09/2008Revelation class 21[stream] (45:48 19.2Mb)Alan Smith300 A
07/09/2008Revelation class 20[stream] (35:03 14.7Mb)Alan Smith299 A
07/09/2008Freedom from sin[stream] (34:05 14.3Mb)Alan Smith298 A
31/08/2008Revelation class 19[stream] (35:27 14.9Mb)Alan Smith297 A
31/08/2008God's constancy[stream] (32:06 13.5Mb)Benjamin White296 A
10/08/2008My hope - the gospel[stream] (18:22 7.7Mb)David Atchley295 A
10/08/2008Revelation class 16[stream] (45:35 19.1Mb)Alan Smith294 A
03/08/2008The Lord's Supper[stream] (47:53 20.1Mb)Paul Tyers293 A
03/08/2008Revelation class 15[stream] (48:51 20.5Mb)Alan Smith292 A
27/07/2008Revelation class 14[stream] (35:31 14.9Mb)Alan Smith291 A
27/07/2008Cost of discipleship[stream] (30:27 12.8Mb)Alan Smith290 A
20/07/2008Saints[stream] (29:39 12.5Mb)Jef Lee289 A
20/07/2008Revelation class 13[stream] (45:38 19.2Mb)Alan Smith288 A
13/07/2008Appointing deacons[stream] (7:16 3Mb)Paul Tyers287 A
13/07/2008Offering ourselves in service to God[stream] (39:39 16.7Mb)Paul Tyers286 A
06/07/2008Heavenly focus vs earthly focus[stream] (28:43 12.1Mb)Eddie Legg285 A
29/06/2008Forgiveness[stream] (26:56 11.3Mb)Peter Coleman284 A
22/06/2008Hypocrisy[stream] (28:23 11.9Mb)Eddie Legg283 A
15/06/2008Passionate People[stream] (27:54 11.7Mb)Roger Tyers282 A
08/06/2008A new covenant[stream] (31:32 13.2Mb)Jef Lee281 A
01/06/2008Who is the LORD?[stream] (40:01 16.8Mb)Alan Smith280 A
25/05/2008Ambassadors for Christ[stream] (34:17 14.4Mb)Jef Lee279 A
18/05/2008Sexual sin[stream] (24:22 10.2Mb)Eddie Legg278 A
11/05/2008Mothers[stream] (31:00 13Mb)Paul Tyers277 A
04/05/2008Hoped into life[stream] (30:13 12.7Mb)Ron Bainbridge275 A
27/04/2008Turn yourself in to God[stream] (20:48 8.7Mb)Eddie Legg276 A
20/04/2008Freedom from Bondage to Sin[stream] (28:39 12Mb)Rob Vander Kraats274 A
20/04/2008Revelation class 12[stream] (49:38 17.9Mb)Alan Smith273 A
13/04/2008Understanding and applying the teaching of the scriptures[stream] (26:23 11.1Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats272 A
13/04/2008Revelation class 11[stream] (44:40 18.8Mb)Alan Smith271 A
06/04/2008How to understand what God's will is[stream] (22:07 9.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats270 A
06/04/2008Revelation class 10[stream] (54:24 22.8Mb)Alan Smith269 A
30/03/2008Love God[stream] (23:32 9.9Mb)Roger Tyers268 A
30/03/2008Revelation class 9[stream] (38:58 16.4Mb)David Jennings267 A
23/03/2008Why did Jesus rise from the dead?[stream] (22:28 9.4Mb)Peter Coleman266 A
23/03/2008Revelation class 8[stream] (34:19 14.4Mb)Alan Smith265 A
16/03/2008Friendship with Jesus[stream] (24:03 10.1Mb)John Atchley264 A
16/03/2008Revelation class 7[stream] (36:03 15.1Mb)Alan Smith263 A
09/03/2008Revelation class 6[stream] (40:24 17Mb)Alan Smith262 A
09/03/2008The foundation of the church (Paul Tyers)[stream] (42:37 17.9Mb)Paul Tyers261 A
02/03/2008Revelation class 5[stream] (47:37 11.4Mb)Alan Smith260 A
02/03/2008What must I do to be saved?[stream] (21:53 7.9Mb)Eddie Legg259 A
24/02/2008Revelation class 4[stream] (46:07 16.6Mb)Alan Smith258 A
24/02/2008How does Jesus save?[stream] (19:40 7.1Mb)Eddie Legg257 A
17/02/2008Who is Jesus?[stream] (23:53 8.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats256 A
17/02/2008Revelation class 3[stream] (53:36 12.9Mb)Alan Smith255 A
10/02/2008Revelation class 2[stream] (55:41 23.4Mb)Alan Smith253 A
10/02/2008How do you see Jesus?[stream] (20:00 8.4Mb)Jef Lee252 A
03/02/2008Revelation class 1[stream] (46:59 19.7Mb)Alan Smith251 A
03/02/2008Our priorities[stream] (23:59 10.1Mb)Peter Coleman250 A
27/01/2008The appointment of elders[stream] (56:51 23.9Mb)Eddie Legg and others249 A
20/01/2008Who is Jesus?[stream] (28:07 11.8Mb)Roger Tyers243 A
13/01/2008Baptism[stream] (16:56 7.1Mb)Eddie Legg241 A
06/01/2008The Lord's Supper[stream] (46:59 19.7Mb)Gerry de Boer244 A
30/12/2007Be humble and remember God[stream] (27:49 11.7Mb)Roger Tyers231 A
23/12/2007What is really important[stream] (24:53 10.5Mb)Jef Lee230 A
16/12/2007Setting goals for spiritual growth[stream] (27:38 11.6Mb)Eddie Legg229 A
09/12/2007Enduring forever[stream] (22:39 9.5Mb)Paul Tyers240 A
02/12/2007Consider your mortality[stream] (28:52 12.1Mb)Rob Vander Kraats239 A
25/11/2007Miracles[stream] (17:05 7.2Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats238 A
18/11/2007Long haul flights[stream] (21:57 9.2Mb)Paul Tyers237 A
11/11/2007The Value of the Church[stream] (35:41 15Mb)Wilson Legg236 A
04/11/2007Seeds and what grows from them[stream] (30:15 12.7Mb)Jef Lee235 A
28/10/2007Grace[stream] (22:40 9.5Mb)Eddie Legg234 A
21/10/2007Reminders of love[stream] (25:32 10.7Mb)Paul Tyers233 A
14/10/2007Pray for one another[stream] (20:03 8.4Mb)Eddie Legg232 A
07/10/2007Shepherds and Households part 2[stream] (47:02 19.8Mb)Roger Tyers228 B
07/10/2007Shepherds and Households[stream] (22:15 9.3Mb)Roger Tyers228 A
30/09/2007Shipwreck[stream] (27:17 11.5Mb)Jef Lee227 B
23/09/2007Be Subject to One Another[stream] (21:07 8.9Mb)Paul Tyers227 A
16/09/2007Faithful shepherd study/discussion[stream] (25:18 10.6Mb)Bob Abney226 B
16/09/2007Faithful shepherd[stream] (37:02 15.6Mb)Bob Abney226 A
09/09/2007Shepherds Study/Discussion[stream] (43:30 18.3Mb)Bob Abney225 B
09/09/2007Shepherds[stream] (37:22 15.7Mb)Bob Abney225 A
02/09/2007Be kind to one another[stream] (24:31 10.3Mb)Eddie Legg224 B
26/08/2007Giving[stream] (31:25 13.2Mb)David Atchley224 A
05/08/2007Traveller's Tales[stream] (21:25 9Mb)James Barrett223 B
29/07/2007Accepting one another[stream] (18:05 7.6Mb)Paul Tyers223 A
22/07/2007Encouraging one another[stream] (24:05 10.1Mb)Roger Tyers222 B
08/07/2007Love one another[stream] (26:33 11.2Mb)Eddie Legg222 A
01/07/2007Fear God: becoming urban evangelists[stream] (33:15 14Mb)Jef Lee221 B
24/06/2007Beatitudes: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness[stream] (28:06 11.8Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats221 A
17/06/2007Rough stones shine in Christ[stream] (21:07 8.9Mb)Paul Tyers220 B
10/06/2007What happened when you were baptized?[stream] (21:04 8.8Mb)Peter Coleman220 A
03/06/2007Coming into the presence of God[stream] (21:18 8.9Mb)David Atchley219 B
27/05/2007The armour of God[stream] (31:02 13Mb)Rob Vander Kraats219 A
20/05/2007Beatitudes: Blessed are the meek[stream] (27:30 11.5Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats218 B
13/05/2007Hannah's example[stream] (25:48 10.8Mb)Paul Tyers218 A
06/05/2007Encouragement for the depressed[stream] (30:52 13Mb)Eddie Legg217 B
29/04/2007Diotrephes, the bad example of leadership[stream] (28:50 12.1Mb)Eddie Legg217 A
22/04/2007David, a good shepherd of God's people[stream] (27:26 11.5Mb)Roger Tyers216 B
15/04/2007The importance and purpose of elders/shepherds in the church[stream] (30:55 13Mb)Peter Coleman216 A
08/04/2007The great shepherd[stream] (21:49 9.2Mb)Paul Tyers215 B
01/04/2007Beatitudes: Those who mourn are blessed[stream] (26:37 11.2Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats215 A
25/03/2007On the mountain[stream] (37:54 15.9Mb)Eddie Legg214 B
18/03/2007Beatitudes: Only the beggars are blessed[stream] (23:48 10Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats214 A
11/03/2007Valuing Jesus above all else[stream] (33:03 13.9Mb)Paul Tyers213 B
04/03/2007Brothers, what should we do?[stream] (28:36 12Mb)Peter Coleman213 A
25/02/2007Selflessness in suffering[stream] (28:31 12Mb)Roger Tyers212 B
18/02/2007Freedom through submission[stream] (27:56 11.7Mb)Eddie Legg212 A
11/02/2007Selflessness[stream] (33:16 14Mb)Peter Coleman211 B
04/02/2007Being involved[stream] (24:28 10.3Mb)David Atchley211 A
28/01/2007One body -- helping one another[stream] (34:06 14.3Mb)Paul Tyers210 B
21/01/2007Encouragement[stream] (25:28 10.7Mb)Jef Lee210 A
14/01/2007Transforming thankfulness[stream] (25:48 10.8Mb)Eddie Legg209 B
07/01/2007Becoming a Christian[stream] (29:22 12.3Mb)Paul Tyers209 A
31/12/2006Marriage[stream] (33:42 6.1Mb)Peter Coleman208 B
24/12/2006Worship Jesus always[stream] (28:01 11.8Mb)Roger Tyers208 A
17/12/2006The armour of God[stream] (34:48 14.6Mb)Benjamin White207 B
10/12/2006Coming to the mountain[stream] (29:15 12.3Mb)Paul Tyers207 A
03/12/2006Joy in sharing the gospel[stream] (34:37 14.5Mb)Eddie Legg206 B
26/11/2006Submit to one another[stream] (25:10 10.6Mb)David Atchley206 A
19/11/2006Eddie Legg introduction[stream] (4:30 1.9Mb)Eddie Legg205 B
19/11/2006Blessings we have in Christ[stream] (21:31 9Mb)Rob Vander Kraats205 A
12/11/2006To your faith add virtue ...[stream] (39:11 16.5Mb)Jef Lee204 B
05/11/2006God's grace for salvation[stream] (25:00 10.5Mb)Roger Tyers204 A
29/10/2006Herod and John the Baptist[stream] (19:12 8.1Mb)Ron Dobrich203 B
22/10/2006Don't deny Jesus[stream] (25:37 10.8Mb)Rob Vander Kraats203 A
15/10/2006Understand, then do, then teach[stream] (31:57 13.4Mb)Herman Atchley202 B
08/10/2006The mind of Jesus[stream] (33:40 14.1Mb)Dennis Rayner202 A
01/10/2006Making decisions[stream] (31:11 13.1Mb)Peter Coleman201 B
24/09/2006David and Jonathan[stream] (23:14 9.8Mb)John Atchley201 A
17/09/2006Singing, and Hezekiah's passion for God[stream] (18:03 7.6Mb)Roger Tyers200 B
10/09/2006Risk takers[stream] (23:11 9.7Mb)Peter Coleman200 A
03/09/2006Living forever[stream] (37:11 15.6Mb)Paul Tyers199 B
27/08/2006What is your purpose?[stream] (25:28 10.7Mb)Paul Tyers199 A
13/08/2006Who do men say that I am?[stream] (38:20 16.1Mb)Bob Abney198 B
13/08/2006Who is Jesus?[stream] (33:04 13.9Mb)Bob Abney198 A
06/08/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Self-control[stream] (19:41 8.3Mb)Paul Tyers197 B
30/07/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness[stream] (11:35 4.9Mb)Rob Vander Kraats & Chris Jennings197 A
23/07/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness[stream] (21:35 9.1Mb)David Atchley196 B
16/07/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness[stream] (26:10 11Mb)Shane White196 A
09/07/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness[stream] (21:59 9.2Mb)Peter Coleman195 B
02/07/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Patience[stream] (27:35 11.6Mb)Jef Lee195 A
25/06/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Joy[stream] (26:31 11.1Mb)Peter Coleman194 B
18/06/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Peace[stream] (22:36 9.5Mb)Josh Nipps194 A
11/06/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness[stream] (24:51 10.4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats193 B
04/06/2006Fruit of the Spirit: Love[stream] (31:29 13.2Mb)Paul Tyers193 A
28/05/2006Fellowship in Christ[stream] (27:25 11.5Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats192 B
21/05/2006Are you content?[stream] (27:10 11.4Mb)Peter Coleman192 A
14/05/2006Mothers[stream] (28:26 11.9Mb)David Atchley191 B
07/05/2006God's team[stream] (36:34 15.4Mb)Paul Tyers191 A
30/04/2006Me first vs Others first[stream] (32:39 13.7Mb)Rob Vander Kraats & John Atchley190 B
23/04/2006The Old Rugged Cross[stream] (27:46 11.7Mb)Jef Lee190 A
09/04/2006Earth Science Accuracy[stream] (22:59 9.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats189 B
02/04/2006Medical Accuracy[stream] (23:15 9.8Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats189 A
26/03/2006Astronomic Accuracy[stream] (28:08 11.8Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats188 B
19/03/2006Unity of Message[stream] (22:34 9.5Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats188 A
12/03/2006Remarkable Facts About the Bible[stream] (25:33 10.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats187 B
05/03/2006The mind of Christ[stream] (33:21 14Mb)Rob Vander Kraats187 A
26/02/2006In Jesus' Name[stream] (26:33 11.2Mb)Jef Lee186 B
19/02/2006How do you picture the church?[stream] (33:02 5.9Mb)Peter Coleman186 A
05/02/2006Work for the Lord to edify each otherPaul Tyers185 B
29/01/2006Things that are preciousDavid Atchley185 A
22/01/2006I can do thisRob Vander Kraats184 B
15/01/2006God Cares for YouRoberto Quintinella184 A
08/01/2006FreedomPaul Tyers183 B
01/01/2006ServingAlan Todd183 A
25/12/2005The best news we can receive[stream] (23:55 4.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats182 B
18/12/2005What does Jesus have to offer?[stream] (28:42 5.2Mb)Rob Vander Kraats182 A
11/12/2005The church[stream] (34:57 6.3Mb)Jef Lee181 B
04/12/2005Persistance in speaking the gospel[stream] (29:18 5.3Mb)Roger Tyers181 A
27/11/2005Workers for the Lord: Practical Applications[stream] (40:31 7.3Mb)Paul Tyers180 B
20/11/2005Workers for the Lord: Supporting Workers[stream] (32:10 5.8Mb)Shane White180 A
13/11/2005Workers for the Lord: Qualities of Workers[stream] (24:57 4.5Mb)Peter Coleman179 B
06/11/2005Workers for the Lord: Purpose of Workers[stream] (24:15 4.4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats179 A
23/10/2005Sharing the good news[stream] (26:22 4.7Mb)Peter Coleman178 A
16/10/2005Looking out for each other in the church[stream] (34:10 6.2Mb)Paul Tyers177 B
09/10/2005What happens if tomorrow never comes[stream] (30:02 5.4Mb)Rob Vander Kraats177 A
02/10/2005Forgiveness[stream] (29:14 5.3Mb)Roger Tyers176 B
25/09/2005The hope within us[stream] (27:31 5Mb)Glen Prideaux176 A
18/09/2005Peace with God[stream] (18:28 3.3Mb)Jef Lee175 B
11/09/2005Our Authority[stream] (20:46 3.7Mb)Wally Crous175 A
04/09/2005The gift you can give[stream] (25:28 4.6Mb)David Atchley174 B
28/08/2005The purpose of Jesus[stream] (26:06 4.7Mb)Roger Tyers174 A
21/08/2005How the world is changing[stream] (29:39 5.3Mb)Paul Tyers173 B
14/08/2005Pressing on, moving on, continuing to do more[stream] (19:06 3.4Mb)Peter Coleman173 A
07/08/2005Men and women of faith: Deborah and Barak[stream] (28:03 5Mb)Glen Prideaux172 B
07/08/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Encouraging and building up[stream] (38:21 6.9Mb)Peter Coleman172 A
31/07/2005Do not grow weary in doing good: share[stream] (27:58 5Mb)Peter Coleman171 B
31/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Stimulate one another to love and good deeds[stream] (38:32 6.9Mb)Roger Tyers171 A
24/07/2005Men of faith: Jephthah[stream] (32:36 5.9Mb)Glen Prideaux170 B
24/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Keeping God's commandments[stream] (32:04 5.8Mb)Roger Tyers170 A
17/07/2005John the Baptist (part 7)[stream] (14:29 2.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats169 B
17/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Know and use his word well[stream] (41:44 7.5Mb)Peter Coleman169 A
10/07/2005Jesus, keep me near the cross[stream] (32:03 5.8Mb)David Atchley168 B
10/07/2005Loving God & our neighbours: Believe and worship God[stream] (33:29 6Mb)Roger Tyers168 A
03/07/2005Why do we baptise people?[stream] (34:03 6.1Mb)Rob Vander Kraats167 B
03/07/2005Worshipping God: Unity in the Spirit[stream] (35:29 6.4Mb)Roger Tyers167 A
26/06/2005God cares for us more than we think[stream] (27:33 5Mb)Roger Tyers166 A
19/06/2005John the Baptist (part 6)[stream] (25:29 4.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats164 B
19/06/2005Laying on hands[stream] (41:07 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers164 A
12/06/2005The joyful hope we share[stream] (34:17 6.2Mb)Glen Prideaux165 B
12/06/2005Worshipping God: Giving with purpose in heart[stream] (33:24 6Mb)Roger Tyers165 A
05/06/2005John the Baptist (part 5)[stream] (20:51 3.8Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats163 A
05/06/2005Worshipping God: Waiting for one another[stream] (35:29 6.4Mb)Roger Tyers162 B
29/05/2005A pictorial example of telling the gospel[stream] (16:08 2.9Mb)Gerry de Boer162 A
29/05/2005Sharing God's Good News[stream] (27:01 4.9Mb)Roger Tyers161 B
29/05/2005Worshipping God: Prayer[stream] (19:27 3.5Mb)Gerard Norriss161 A
22/05/2005John the Baptist (part 4)[stream] (28:39 5.2Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats160 B
22/05/2005Worshipping God: Saying 'Amen' at the giving of thanks[stream] (34:30 6.2Mb)Roger Tyers160 A
15/05/2005Being like God[stream] (35:20 6.4Mb)Ted Paul159 B
15/05/2005John the Baptist (part 3)[stream] (28:26 5.1Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats158 B
15/05/2005Worshipping God: Edification, exhortation and Consolation[stream] (38:31 6.9Mb)Glen Prideaux158 A
08/05/2005John the Baptist (part 2)[stream] (25:38 4.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats157 B
08/05/2005Worshipping God: Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus[stream] (34:01 6.1Mb)Roger Tyers157 A
01/05/2005John the Baptist (part 1)[stream] (26:12 4.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats156 B
01/05/2005Worshipping God: Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you[stream] (34:56 6.3Mb)Glen Prideaux156 A
24/04/2005Why did Christians come together in the scriptures[stream] (29:07 5.2Mb)Roger Tyers155 B
24/04/2005Worshipping God: Making melody with your heart to the Lord[stream] (30:42 5.5Mb)Gerard Norriss155 A
17/04/2005The 'one anothers'[stream] (31:06 5.6Mb)Glen Prideaux154 B
17/04/2005Worshipping God: Worthy to receive glory and honour and blessing[stream] (42:28 7.6Mb)Roger Tyers154 A
10/04/2005Are you satisfied?[stream] (33:55 6.1Mb)Paul Tyers153 B
10/04/2005Jesus the true vine[stream] (43:22 7.8Mb)Robert Lullfitz153 A
03/04/2005The way we think about things affects the things we do[stream] (29:41 5.3Mb)Peter Coleman152 B
03/04/2005Jesus the promised seed[stream] (39:50 7.2Mb)Roger Tyers152 A
27/03/2005Jesus' reasons for dying on the cross ... imitating him[stream] (22:58 4.1Mb)Peter Coleman151 B
27/03/2005Jesus the Brother[stream] (40:55 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers151 A
20/03/2005God's Awesome Kingdom[stream] (26:40 4.8Mb)Dudley Harris150 B
20/03/2005Jesus the Obedient Son[stream] (34:34 6.2Mb)Roger Tyers150 A
13/03/2005Unless the Lord builds the house[stream] (24:47 4.5Mb)Roger Tyers149 B
13/03/2005Jesus the Christ, the Messiah[stream] (31:39 5.7Mb)Gerard Norriss149 A
06/03/2005Confessing Jesus[stream] (26:01 4.7Mb)Peter Coleman148 B
06/03/2005Jesus the Prophet who was to come[stream] (35:50 6.5Mb)Roger Tyers148 A
27/02/2005Living as God's beloved: a life to die for[stream] (47:30 8.6Mb)Warren Holyoak146 A
27/02/2005Becoming God's beloved: broken to become whole[stream] (28:41 5.2Mb)Peter Searson145 B
27/02/2005Being God's beloved: Chosen and Blessed[stream] (40:00 7.2Mb)Steve Wilson145 A
26/02/2005Church Leadership Seminar (3) Question and Answer session[stream] (47:33 8.6Mb)Steve Wilson, Warren Holyoak, Peter Searson144 B
26/02/2005Church Leadership Seminar (3)[stream] (28:57 5.2Mb)Steve Wilson144 A
26/02/2005Church Leadership Seminar (2) Question and Answer session[stream] (29:20 5.3Mb)Steve Wilson, Warren Holyoak, Peter Searson143 B
26/02/2005Church Leadership Seminar (2)[stream] (1:01:28 11.1Mb)Steve Wilson143 A
26/02/2005Church Leadership Seminar (1) Question and Answer session[stream] (27:15 4.9Mb)Steve Wilson, Warren Holyoak, Peter Searson142 B
26/02/2005Church Leadership Seminar (1)[stream] (59:12 10.7Mb)Steve Wilson142 A
20/02/2005Following Jesus[stream] (23:24 4.2Mb)Peter Coleman147 A
13/02/2005What's your Christian elevator speech?[stream] (20:53 3.8Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats141 B
13/02/2005Jesus the Good Shepherd[stream] (34:56 6.3Mb)Roger Tyers141 A
06/02/2005Disasters and Calamities[stream] (24:35 4.4Mb)Andy Rozitis140 B
06/02/2005Jesus the Redeemer, the Saviour[stream] (35:24 6.4Mb)Roger Tyers140 A
30/01/2005Strengthen your faith through Jesus' example of faithfulness[stream] (29:44 5.4Mb)Rob Vander Kraats139 B
30/01/2005Jesus the Lord[stream] (23:50 4.3Mb)Gerard Norriss139 A
23/01/2005What's your biggest problem?[stream] (22:22 4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats138 B
23/01/2005Jesus the Prince of Peace[stream] (39:03 7Mb)Roger Tyers138 A
16/01/2005In God's presence[stream] (23:49 4.3Mb)Paul Tyers137 B
16/01/2005Study: Miracles in John - raising Lazarus[stream] (38:45 7Mb)Rob Vander Kraats137 A
09/01/2005Letters from the Philippines and Papua New Guinea[stream] (29:33 5.3Mb)Glen Prideaux136 B
09/01/2005Study: Miracles in John - healing a man born blind[stream] (39:28 7.1Mb)Gerard Norriss136 A
02/01/2005With all your heart[stream] (32:53 5.9Mb)Glen Prideaux135 B
02/01/2005Study: Miracles in John - the official's son[stream] (29:50 5.4Mb)Glen Prideaux135 A
26/12/2004Encouragement from 2 Corinthians: suffering happens; don't lose heart[stream] (42:22 13.8Mb)Michael Bargholz134 B
26/12/2004Study: Miracles in John - the first miracle[stream] (42:16 13.2Mb)Michael Bargholz134 A
19/12/2004Grace[stream] (21:56 7.2Mb)David Atchley133 B
19/12/2004Study: Galations (lesson 12)[stream] (35:07 11.2Mb)Glen Prideaux133 A
12/12/2004Seeing Jesus[stream] (32:16 10.2Mb)Peter Coleman132 B
12/12/2004Study: Galations (lesson 11)[stream] (34:47 11.1Mb)Peter Coleman132 A
05/12/2004Prayer - praying as a church[stream] (42:17 12.9Mb)Peter Coleman131 B
05/12/2004Study: Galations (lesson 10)[stream] (33:19 11.2Mb)Peter Coleman131 A
28/11/2004Christian Growth[stream] (32:30 10.3Mb)Robert Lullfitz130 B
28/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 9)[stream] (40:19 13.5Mb)Peter Coleman130 A
21/11/2004You shall not kill[stream] (28:20 9.2Mb)Jef Lee129 B
21/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 8)[stream] (33:22 10.9Mb)Peter Coleman129 A
14/11/2004Coping with regrets[stream] (19:10 6.9Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats128 B
14/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 7)[stream] (33:59 10.3Mb)Peter Coleman128 A
07/11/2004How were you saved?[stream] (29:57 9.8Mb)Peter Coleman127 B
07/11/2004Study: Galations (lesson 6)[stream] (37:49 11.9Mb)Peter Coleman127 A
31/10/2004Destination: Heaven[stream] (31:48 11Mb)Joseph Lee126 B
31/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 5)[stream] (39:24 12.7Mb)Peter Coleman126 A
24/10/2004How to know God[stream] (21:00 7.4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats125 B
24/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 4)[stream] (37:47 12.1Mb)Peter Coleman124 B
17/10/2004Salvation by grace through faith[stream] (9:13 3.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats125 A
17/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 3)[stream] (33:06 10.3Mb)Peter Coleman124 A
10/10/2004God's will in marriage[stream] (30:40 9.3Mb)Roger Tyers123 B
10/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 2)[stream] (38:22 11.7Mb)Peter Coleman122 B
03/10/2004Election 2003[stream] (35:36 10.6Mb)Glen Prideaux123 A
03/10/2004Study: Galations (lesson 1)[stream] (35:27 10.7Mb)Peter Coleman122 A
26/09/2004Sacrifices under Jesus[stream] (28:59 9Mb)Peter Coleman121 B
26/09/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Jehoshaphat[stream] (21:00 6.4Mb)Gerard Norriss120 B
19/09/2004Philippians 4:4-9[stream] (20:15 6.4Mb)Roger Tyers121 A
19/09/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Asa[stream] (22:32 6.9Mb)Gerard Norriss120 A
12/09/2004The relationship of Jesus to his body[stream] (28:35 9.9Mb)Roger Tyers119 B
12/09/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Josiah[stream] (33:05 12.3Mb)Roger Tyers118 B
05/09/2004What bring ye?[stream] (24:58 8.2Mb)Joseph Lee119 A
05/09/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Hezekiah[stream] (34:00 11Mb)Roger Tyers118 A
29/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Joash[stream] (35:00 12.8Mb)Peter Coleman117 B
29/08/2004Edification: Speaking the truth in love[stream] (28:15 9.7Mb)Peter Coleman116 B
22/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Jehu[stream] (30:00 9.7Mb)Peter Coleman117 A
22/08/2004Edification: No longer children[stream] (37:48 8.5Mb)Hester Yeo116 A
15/08/2004Luke 24/Acts 2[stream] (35:43 7.6Mb)Bob Abney115 B
15/08/2004Nehemiah - man with a plan (2)[stream] (34:20 7.7Mb)Bob Abney115 A
15/08/2004Nehemiah - man with a plan (3)[stream] (42:16 9Mb)Bob Abney114 B
11/08/2004Nehemiah - man with a plan (1)[stream] (42:18 9.5Mb)Bob Abney114 A
08/08/2004Edification: Equipping saints for work of service[stream] (27:45 6.4Mb)Roger Tyers113 B
08/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Solomon[stream] (36:00 7.9Mb)Peter Coleman112 B
01/08/2004Edification: Christ's gifts to build up the body[stream] (26:01 5.9Mb)Gerard Norriss113 A
01/08/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: David[stream] (32:10 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers112 A
25/07/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: David[stream] (36:46 8.4Mb)Roger Tyers111 B
25/07/2004Implications of God's grace[stream] (32:14 7.4Mb)Glen Prideaux110 B
18/07/2004Study: encouragement from the kings: Saul[stream] (36:25 8.3Mb)Peter Coleman111 A
18/07/2004A new contract[stream] (32:46 7.2Mb)Jef Lee110 A
11/07/2004Prayer[stream] (28:58 6.5Mb)Joseph Lee109 B
04/07/2004Our hope (Rom 8:18-25)[stream] (21:40 5.2Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats109 A
27/06/2004Reaching out to others to preach the gospel[stream] (26:02 5.7Mb)Joseph Lee108 B
20/06/2004Guideline for godly living[stream] (30:45 7.5Mb)Paul Tyers108 A
13/06/2004Laying on of hands[stream] (28:58 6.6Mb)Roger Tyers107 B
07/06/2004Love and Unity workshop[stream] (20:35 4.6Mb)Various107 A
06/06/2004God is for us![stream] (21:01 4.9Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats105 B
30/05/2004Love & unity in the church: 5. Conflict resolution in the church[stream] (28:50 7Mb)Peter Coleman105 A
23/05/2004Love & unity in the church: 4. How to lay down our lives[stream] (26:02 6.1Mb)Gerard Norriss104 B
21/05/2004Report to the church[stream] (45:01 9.4Mb)Various106 B
21/05/2004The parable of the life saving station[stream] (13:02 2.7Mb)Joseph Lee106 A
16/05/2004Love & unity in the church: 3. Many members, one body[stream] (36:43 8Mb)Joseph Lee104 A
09/05/2004Love & unity in the church: 2. One in Christ[stream] (19:30 4.3Mb)Roger Tyers103 B
02/05/2004Love & unity in the church: 1. Has christ been divided?[stream] (37:06 8.7Mb)Aaron Ong103 A
25/04/2004Where does God dwell?[stream] (25:27 6Mb)Peter Coleman102 B
18/04/2004Rocket fuel[stream] (29:50 6.9Mb)Stuart Bassett102 A
11/04/2004Alzheimer's disease[stream] (26:51 6Mb)Harry Wong101 B
04/04/2004Jesus speaks with a woman, a foreigner, a sinner and a false worshipper[stream] (32:57 6.8Mb)Roger Tyers101 A
28/03/2004Problems Jesus faced and problems in the church[stream] (29:42 6.4Mb)Robert Ong100 B
14/03/2004The first gave themselves (2 Cor 8:1-9)[stream] (24:38 5.1Mb)Roger Tyers100 A
07/03/2004Run to win[stream] (26:07 5.1Mb)Rob Vander Kraats99 B
29/02/2004The church is holy[stream] (25:22 5.4Mb)Peter Coleman99 A
22/02/2004How does one enter the church[stream] (29:23 6.5Mb)Gerard Norriss98 B
15/02/2004Jesus died for the church[stream] (38:14 7.9Mb)Boon Eng Loh98 A
08/02/2004Jesus' church (I)[stream] (30:01 6.3Mb)Joseph Lee97 B
01/02/2004Christ changes[stream] (30:08 6.2Mb)Roger Tyers97 A
26/01/2004Why did Jesus die? Who were responsible?[stream] (27:11 5.5Mb)Boon Eng Loh96 B
18/01/2004Satan is ...[stream] (21:09 4.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats96 A
11/01/2004Integrity[stream] (24:30 4.8Mb)Rod Chapman95 B
04/01/2004The restoration[stream] (24:04 5Mb)Luke Chapman95 A
28/12/2003Sanctification[stream] (26:14 6.3Mb)Rod Chapman94 B
21/12/2003Abba father, my father[stream] (30:46 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers94 A
14/12/2003The greatest evil[stream] (30:01 7.2Mb)Glen Prideaux93 B
07/12/2003Humility[stream] (29:52 7.2Mb)Peter Coleman93 A
30/11/2003What does the Lord require of you?[stream] (29:25 7.1Mb)Joseph Lee92 B
23/11/2003Confidence of David[stream] (37:12 8.9Mb)Robert Ong92 A
16/11/2003God is light[stream] (28:11 6.8Mb)Roger Tyers91 B
09/11/2003Esteem the Lord's church[stream] (19:41 4.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats91 A
26/10/2003The church that Jesus built[stream] (30:16 7.3Mb)Sombo Dowara90 B
26/10/2003God's way of salvation[stream] (29:59 7.2Mb)Sombo Dowara90 A
25/10/2003Salvation in Jesus[stream] (34:50 8.4Mb)Sombo Dowara89 B
24/10/2003The way of the cross[stream] (39:02 9.4Mb)Sombo Dowara89 A
19/10/2003"The way of success" and report from PNG[stream] (28:29 6.8Mb)Sombo Dowara88 B
19/10/2003"Preach the gospel" and report from PNG[stream] (29:53 7.2Mb)Sombo Dowara88 A
12/10/2003Love God, love each other[stream] (35:38 8.6Mb)Stephen Chan87 B
05/10/2003You get what you need[stream] (31:02 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers87 A
28/09/2003Evangelism and fear[stream] (25:03 6Mb)Peter Coleman86 B
21/09/2003Are you looking out for your brethren?[stream] (22:38 5.4Mb)Luke Chapman86 A
14/09/2003The four lepers[stream] (26:10 6.3Mb)Richard Lee83 B
13/09/2003Meet for the master's use[stream] (18:04 4.3Mb)Richard Lee85 B
13/09/2003The fishless fisherman[stream] (36:50 8.8Mb)Richard Lee85 A
13/09/2003Wanted: a pair of shoes[stream] (42:17 10.2Mb)Richard Lee84 B
13/09/2003What is evangelism?[stream] (37:55 9.1Mb)Richard Lee84 A
10/09/2003Introduction to evangelism[stream] (42:39 10.2Mb)Richard Lee83 A
07/09/2003He cares for youRichard Lee82 B
07/09/2003How do you spell LIMES?[stream] (26:08 6.3Mb)Richard Lee82 A
31/08/2003Compassion not pity[stream] (23:52 5.7Mb)Robert Ong81 B
24/08/2003Where is your home?[stream] (35:39 8.6Mb)Luke Chapman81 A
17/08/2003The jailhouse rocked[stream] (24:53 6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats80 B
10/08/2003Goals for spiritual growth[stream] (33:03 7.9Mb)Rob Vander Kraats80 A
03/08/2003Prayer[stream] (36:16 8.7Mb)Peter Coleman79 B
27/07/2003He went away sorrowful[stream] (28:27 6.8Mb)Joseph Lee79 A
20/07/2003Examine yourself[stream] (38:28 9.2Mb)Robert Ong78 B
13/07/2003A better hope[stream] (24:18 5.8Mb)Glen Prideaux78 A
06/07/2003Is the Bible true?[stream] (27:08 6.5Mb)Roger Tyers77 B
29/06/2003Assurances ... much, much more[stream] (27:48 6.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats77 A
22/06/2003The importance of the scriptures[stream] (31:21 7.5Mb)Hester Yeo76 B
15/06/2003Jesus' Promises[stream] (25:37 6.1Mb)Roger Tyers76 A
08/06/2003Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you[stream] (21:33 5.2Mb)Peter Coleman75 B
01/06/2003Where would you go if you died today?[stream] (27:16 6.5Mb)Andrew McKerihan75 A
25/05/2003Sheep without a shepherd[stream] (27:30 6.6Mb)Roger Tyers74 B
18/05/2003Pure religion[stream] (22:45 5.5Mb)Luke Chapman74 A
04/05/2003God's revealed wisdom[stream] (24:26 5.9Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats73 B
27/04/2003The giving of blood[stream] (19:21 4.6Mb)Peter Coleman73 A
20/04/2003Loyalty[stream] (23:00 5.5Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats72 B
13/04/2003Real Wealth[stream] (25:41 6.2Mb)Boon Eng Loh72 A
06/04/2003Courage[stream] (28:13 6.8Mb)Roger Tyers70 B
30/03/2003Studies in Romans 12[stream] (28:13 6.8Mb)Various71 B
30/03/2003Filled with the Spirit[stream] (19:15 4.6Mb)Peter Coleman70 A
23/03/2003Lessons from the Old Testament[stream] (42:12 10.1Mb)Boon Eng Loh69 B
16/03/2003Parts of the Body[stream] (29:22 7Mb)Peter Coleman69 A
09/03/2003Studies in Romans 12[stream] (29:26 7.1Mb)Various71 A
09/03/2003God's power in his Holy Spirit[stream] (22:45 5.5Mb)Luke Chapman67 B
03/03/2003Workshop: God's leadership[stream] (26:04 6.3Mb)Various68 A
02/03/2003Do you know God? Does God know you?[stream] (25:52 6.2Mb)Roger Tyers67 A
23/02/2003Ambasadors for God[stream] (21:01 5Mb)Luke Chapman66 B
16/02/2003Grateful/Thankful[stream] (38:27 9.2Mb)Hester Yeo66 A
02/02/2003False teacher, or false teaching?[stream] (23:46 5.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats65 B
26/01/2003Four foundations for a successful life[stream] (26:40 6.4Mb)David Atchley65 A
19/01/2003Why did Jesus die on the cross?[stream] (25:06 6Mb)Peter Coleman64 B
12/01/2003God seen in creation[stream] (24:27 5.9Mb)Luke Chapman64 A
05/01/2003Trust[stream] (35:27 8.5Mb)Stuart Bassett63 B
29/12/2002The stability of your timesJoseph Lee63 A
22/12/2002Put off the old, put on the newLuke Chapman62 B
15/12/2002Matthew and Money - Teachings from the book called MatthewMark Jennings62 A
11/12/2002Charting the old paths in the 21st Century[stream] (10:31 2.5Mb)Tommy Hicks61 B
09/12/2002The gospel of God's grace[stream] (44:29 10.7Mb)Tommy Hicks61 A
08/12/2002For by grace[stream] (35:07 8.4Mb)Tommy Hicks60 B
08/12/2002The unfolding plan[stream] (31:24 7.5Mb)Tommy Hicks60 A
08/12/2002Mistaken concepts regarding grace[stream] (45:03 10.8Mb)Tommy Hicks59 B
07/12/2002Man's need for saving grace[stream] (42:41 10.2Mb)Tommy Hicks59 A
01/12/2002Spiritual Planning[stream] (19:35 4.7Mb)Peter Coleman58 B
24/11/2002Full reliance on God[stream] (25:16 6.1Mb)Luke Chapman58 A
10/11/2002The glory of the Gospel[stream] (33:30 8Mb)Luke Chapman56 B
03/11/2002WorshipPeter Coleman56 A
13/10/2002Let your light shine[stream] (28:11 6.8Mb)Joseph Lee54 B
06/10/2002Preaching that pleases God[stream] (24:56 6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats54 A
29/09/2002It is better to give than to receive[stream] (42:50 10.3Mb)Robert Ong50 B
22/09/2002God's way applied to Parent-Child relationships[stream] (44:14 10.6Mb)Stuart Penhall53 A
22/09/2002God's way applied to Husband-Wife relationships[stream] (32:17 7.7Mb)Stuart Penhall52 B
22/09/2002A closer look at God's way of 'fixing up' our families[stream] (41:04 9.9Mb)Stuart Penhall52 A
21/09/2002God's way of fixing up our families[stream] (42:32 10.2Mb)Stuart Penhall51 B
20/09/2002Can our family problems really be fixed?[stream] (39:18 9.4Mb)Stuart Penhall51 A
15/09/2002What will tomorrow bring?[stream] (23:26 5.6Mb)Peter Coleman50 A
08/09/2002Eternal Life[stream] (30:28 7.3Mb)Peter Coleman49 B
01/09/2002Where is your heart?[stream] (27:22 6.6Mb)Glen Prideaux49 A
28/08/2002Will you not tell it today?[stream] (34:10 8.2Mb)Joseph Lee48 B
11/08/2002A Social Gospel vs Pure Gospel[stream] (23:54 5.7Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats48 A
04/08/2002New Life in Jesus[stream] (24:36 5.9Mb)Roger Tyers47 B
28/07/2002Is your heart close to God[stream] (24:56 6Mb)Glen Prideaux47 A
21/07/2002Does the Lord's house lie in ruins?[stream] (46:11 11.1Mb)Peter Chin46 B
21/07/2002The deity of Christ[stream] (38:46 9.3Mb)Peter Chin46 A
20/07/2002Evangelism workshop[stream] (53:23 12.8Mb)Peter Chin45 A
20/07/2002Evangelism workshop[stream] (32:36 7.8Mb)Peter Chin44 A
17/07/2002We shall not stumble[stream] (41:53 10.1Mb)Peter Chin43 B
14/07/2002What does the Lord require of you?[stream] (37:25 9Mb)Peter Chin43 A
07/07/2002Baptism[stream] (27:37 6.6Mb)Roger Tyers42 B
30/06/2002Don't Let Your Heart be Troubled[stream] (30:12 7.2Mb)Andrew McKerihan42 A
23/06/2002The Three Rules of Conduct[stream] (27:35 6.6Mb)Boon Eng Loh41 B
16/06/2002Independence day[stream] (24:46 5.9Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats41 A
09/06/2002Confessing Jesus[stream] (24:00 5.8Mb)Peter Coleman40 B
02/06/2002An honest and good heart[stream] (30:13 7.3Mb)Roger Tyers40 A
26/05/2002God's Choice[stream] (28:14 6.8Mb)Glen Prideaux39 B
19/05/2002How comfortable are you?[stream] (22:13 5.3Mb)Peter Coleman39 A
12/05/2002Good Mums[stream] (26:09 6.3Mb)Roger Tyers38 B
05/05/2002Repentance[stream] (28:45 6.9Mb)Andrew McKerihan38 A
28/04/2002Influences[stream] (32:49 7.9Mb)Joseph Lee37 B
21/04/2002Reputation: "The young man had a reputation for sticking his tongue out"[stream] (21:07 5.1Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats37 A
14/04/2002Choices[stream] (27:52 6.7Mb)Roger Tyers36 B
07/04/2002How is your faith?[stream] (19:56 4.8Mb)Peter Coleman36 A
31/03/2002Get connected[stream] (12:41 3Mb)Glen Prideaux35 B
24/03/2002Listening[stream] (13:38 3.3Mb)Peter Coleman35 A
17/03/2002Building up the body of Christ[stream] (21:50 5.2Mb)Bob Abney34 A
17/03/2002Building up the body of Christ[stream] (21:09 5.1Mb)Bob Abney33 B
13/03/2002Building up the body of Christ[stream] (22:14 5.3Mb)Bob Abney33 A
10/03/2002Building up the body of Christ[stream] (22:30 5.4Mb)Bob Abney32 B
10/03/2002Building up the body of Christ[stream] (14:00 3.4Mb)Bob Abney32 A
03/03/2002No Fear in Love[stream] (12:42 3Mb)Roger Tyers31 B
24/02/2002Going Home[stream] (11:19 2.7Mb)Glen Prideaux31 A
17/02/2002Seeing God[stream] (25:21 6.1Mb)Roger Tyers30 B
10/02/2002Letters from Jesus: Thyatira and Philadelphia[stream] (35:58 8.6Mb)Joseph Lee30 A
10/02/2002Who is Jesus?[stream] (37:09 8.9Mb)Andrew McKerihan29 B
03/02/2002Letters from Jesus: Smyrna and Pergamum[stream] (35:06 8.4Mb)Joseph Lee29 A
03/02/2002God is love; Love is patient[stream] (11:07 2.7Mb)Peter Coleman28 B
27/01/2002Letters from Jesus[stream] (16:25 3.9Mb)Joseph Lee28 A
20/01/2002Some things never change[stream] (13:30 3.2Mb)Glen Prideaux27 B
13/01/2002Don't lose your faith[stream] (10:09 2.4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats27 A
06/01/2002The rhythm of life[stream] (13:42 3.3Mb)Roger Tyers26 B
30/12/2001Plans for 2002[stream] (13:31 3.2Mb)Roger Tyers26 A
23/12/2001What Christ means in my life[stream] (13:26 3.2Mb)Joseph Lee25 B
16/12/2001God keeps his promises[stream] (15:32 3.7Mb)Glen Prideaux25 A
09/12/2001Encouragement from Hebrews 10:19-25[stream] (14:44 3.5Mb)Gary Young21 B
02/12/2001The way we talk about Jesus[stream] (11:45 2.8Mb)Peter Coleman21 A
25/11/2001Homogenised vs No compromise[stream] (13:19 3.2Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats20 B
11/11/2001The storms of life[stream] (15:49 3.8Mb)Joseph Lee20 A
04/11/2001Jesus' offer[stream] (14:43 3.5Mb)Roger Tyers19 B
28/10/2001Jesus - A legend![stream] (9:25 2.3Mb)Peter Coleman19 A
21/10/2001Our spiritual welfare[stream] (11:55 2.9Mb)Ron Dobrich18 B
14/10/2001Lessons from washing Jesus' feet[stream] (11:39 2.8Mb)Roger Tyers18 A
07/10/2001The journey of life[stream] (8:01 1.9Mb)Peter Coleman17 B
30/09/2001God's love never gives up[stream] (12:27 3Mb)Roger Tyers17 A
23/09/2001The end of the world[stream] (7:27 1.8Mb)Peter Coleman16 B
16/09/2001Loving your neighbour[stream] (11:02 2.6Mb)Peter Coleman16 A
09/09/2001What is the purpose of life?[stream] (17:45 4.3Mb)Dudley Harris15 B
02/09/2001God is Love; Love is forgiveness[stream] (14:43 3.5Mb)Roger Tyers15 A
19/08/2001Who we are at City Beach[stream] (14:47 3.5Mb)Andrew McKerihan13 B
12/08/2001Training the mind[stream] (15:06 3.6Mb)Joseph Lee13 A
05/08/2001The Earth[stream] (11:05 2.7Mb)Peter Coleman12 B
29/07/2001God is love; Love is kind[stream] (9:44 2.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats12 A
15/07/2001Good deeds[stream] (9:12 2.2Mb)Peter Coleman11 B
08/07/2001Simplicity of the gospel[stream] (8:14 2Mb)Glen Prideaux11 A
24/06/2001The matter of first importance[stream] (11:05 2.7Mb)Andrew McKerihan10 B
17/06/2001Being different[stream] (12:00 2.9Mb)Steve Raine10 A
17/06/2001How can I save myself, family, others[stream] (12:52 3.1Mb)Roger Tyers9 B
10/06/2001Crucified with Christ[stream] (15:43 3.8Mb)Joseph Lee9 A
03/06/2001Jesus and Prayer[stream] (15:11 3.6Mb)Roger Tyers8 B
20/05/2001Zeal[stream] (10:44 2.6Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats8 A
13/05/2001Mothers[stream] (9:28 2.3Mb)Peter Coleman7 B
06/05/2001Jesis hs head of the church[stream] (12:51 3.1Mb)Roger Tyers7 A
06/05/2001Jesus, keep me near the cross[stream] (11:51 2.8Mb)Glen Prideaux6 B
29/04/2001I will trust and not be afraid[stream] (14:42 3.5Mb)Andrew McKerihan6 A
22/04/2001Involvement in the church[stream] (12:41 3Mb)Peter Coleman5 B
15/04/2001Worship[stream] (17:09 4.1Mb)Joseph Lee5 A
08/04/2001Who is my brother?[stream] (11:39 2.8Mb)Roger Tyers4 B
01/04/2001Spiritual Israel & the Promised LandDudley Harris4 A
25/03/2001Marriage[stream] (13:40 3.3Mb)Glen Prideaux3 B
18/03/2001If you love peace, prepare for war[stream] (12:46 3.1Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats3 A
11/03/2001Are you qualified?[stream] (11:32 2.8Mb)Roger Tyers2 B
04/03/2001Stones in the temple of God[stream] (11:07 2.7Mb)Peter Coleman2 A
25/02/2001God's purpose for your life[stream] (16:15 3.9Mb)Mal Geste1 B
18/02/2001Working together to serve God[stream] (15:05 3.6Mb)Joseph Lee1 A

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